December 3, 2015

Be a Cool Cat (and Dog!)

With Australian Summer temperatures forecast to be hotter than ever, planning to keep your pets safe in the heat is crucial. Animals can get sunburnt, overheat or suffer from fatal heat stroke.

Keep your cats and dogs cool this summer:

  • Provide cool, clean water at all times
  • Freeze water, pet food or treats and allow to defrost during the day
  • Provide access to adequate shade such as trees, a verandah or outdoor covering
  • Allow pets to cool down in a pool, wading pool or under a sprinkler
  • Bring outdoor pets inside into air conditioning
  • Trim or clip long haired dogs into a shorter Summer style
  • Apply pet-friendly zinc to the noses and ears of white, fair-skinned or pink-nosed pets
  • Use toys or treats to entice sunburn-prone pet breeds into the shade
  • Update flea treatments and parvovirus vaccinations which are prevalent in hot weather
  • Delay exercising dogs as they can overheat easily or burn their foot pads
  • Never use a muzzle as it inhibits a pet’s ability to pant and circulate air through their bodies

Dog watch tip: remember to contact your local RSPCA or Police Station immediately if you spot a distressed dog locked in the car in warm temperatures.

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