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Los Angeles, United States

International Pet Transport to Los Angeles

International pet transport to Los Angeles from Australia is direct via Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Flights are available with Qantas and United Airways and flight time is approximately 16 hours.

International Pet Travel Requirements for Cats and Dogs

  • Airline approved pet travel crate
  • Annual vaccination
  • Customs clearance
  • Australian Government accredited veterinary consultation
  • Australian Government export permit
  • Australian Government health certificate
  • Microchip

International Pet Relocation Arrival

Our team can arrange for your pet to be collected from Los Angeles International Airport and transported to your home or office via our international pet relocation partner. Pets can also be collected from the animal reception centre at the airport.

Did you know?

Pet food, accessories, toys and pampering are abundantly available in Los Angeles with a pet store located every 1609 metres!

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