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How Do Pets with Anxiety Cope when Travelling on a Plane

If you are planning on taking your pet with you either on a vacation or relocation, then it’s essential that you organise their trip with as much detail as your own. Just like us, pets can experience anxieties in unfamiliar and uncertain circumstances so their comfort levels should be prioritised.

Here are some tips to minimise anxiety levels during pet flights.

Consider the Length of Flight That You’re Booking

As humans, we generally prefer as direct a flight as possible to reduce both time spent travelling and the stress of transferring at other airports. But if you are booking a flight for your pet, their preferences should be taken into consideration. Of course, if you are relocating internationally a long flight is guaranteed but you should consider adding a transfer so your dog can stretch their legs and rest. Remember that if they are travelling in the cargo, they’ll be stuck in their crate for hours on end. If you have the time and money, a few days' break in between flights could be a great option for your pet to recharge.

For family vacations, the destination is often more flexible. Your pet will feel more comfortable in a carrier with you in the cabin for an hour or two than in the cargo for eight. If you can take a shorter trip without compromising your vacation, your pet’s anxiety levels will be lessened.

Ensure That Your Pet is Fit to Fly Before Departure<

Most airlines will require a certificate that declares your pet is fit for their flight. However, when it comes to pet freight, you should prioritise their health in the build-up to departure. Ensuring that their diet is optimal and that they’re getting regular exercise is important in the weeks before travel.

Speak with your vet to ensure that your furry friend has all of the vaccinations and meets all of the health checks that the destination country requires. And if your pet is particularly anxious in the day-to-day, you can also seek advice from your vet on how best to manage this during their flight. They might suggest anxiety medication or even advise that your pet not board but it’s important to listen to - and follow - their advice.

How to Minimise Your Pet’s Anxiety During Travel

No matter how much preparation work you do, there’s always a chance that your pet will be nervous during their trip. But rest assured that there are some ways to minimise the anxiety that they experience. We recommend:

Familiar toys

Ensuring that your pet has their favourite toys and home comforts will bring them some peace during their trip.

Anxiety medication

If your vet has prescribed any anxiety medication, it’s essential that this is administered correctly. This will help your pet to relax during travel.

In-cabin travel

Remember that your pet can now travel in the cabin alongside you during pet travel from Australia. If they’re particularly anxious when being separated from you or your family, this can be a great solution.

Animal transport services

With many companies offering pet transport in Australia, you can utilise their services to minimise your pet’s anxiety. They’ll accompany your pet during their trip and even provide a door-to-door service if you need it.

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