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Because they are part of the family

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Because they are part of the family

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The Petraveller Experience 

There are times in life when risk taking pays off. Relocating your furry family member is not one of them. We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. Choose the Petraveller experience - where we are all about the care factor.

With Petraveller, here's what you can expect:

Pet Safety Sheild


A world leader in safety,
with a ZERO harm rating

Pet Transportation Experience


Over 15,000 pets moved
to over 50 cities

Worldwide Pet Transport Expertise


100% country entry
success rate


We don't self-publish reviews. Read what real customers say about their pet travel experience with Petraveller.

Read Over 600 Five Star Reviews

Safe and Caring
International Pet Transportation

At Petraveller, our number one priority is getting your pet home safely. Every cat and dog travelling with us is treated like our own – with exceptional care and personalised service. We work with airport operators, government agencies, and international regulators to ensure our pet travel operations are safe, secure and comply with regulations.

We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else.

We understand that your pet is unique, with different needs and requirements, which is why our expertly designed pet travel process ensures the safe and comfortable arrival of your family member.

Our team is dedicated to being the most caring international pet travel company globally. We promise to always take care in the air and on the ground because your pet is family.

Start your pet's travel journey with Petraveller today:


Contact our pet travel experts by phone, email, or online.


Our expertly designed Petraveller Sky Crate is delivered to your home.


Petraveller arranges health checks and mandatory vaccinations for your pet.


Petraveller prepares all preflight documentation, clearances, permits and any COVID related requirements.


Petraveller collects your pet from your home.


Your pet enjoys a night at an award-winning Pet Hotel.


Your pet is priority boarded and travels on their scheduled flight.


Petraveller provides email, photo and video updates during the journey.


Your pet is ready for collection at the destination airport or delivered by our pet partners.

Why Choose Petraveller

We are passionate about international pet transport and committed to giving your pet the safest and most comfortable pet travel experience. We have an industry-leading zero harm rating and an incredible 100% country entry success rate.

Petraveller has safely relocated over 15,000 happy pets to 50 cities worldwide, from Hong Kong to London to Auckland. We have continued to transport thousands of cats and dogs during the global Coronavirus pandemic successfully.

Our dedication to safe international pet travel is unmatched, and we are proud to have delivered first-class service to the pet travel industry.

Choose Petraveller for the most caring and comprehensive pet travel service worldwide. Petraveller, keeping families together.

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Petraveller is the only IATA accredited pet transport company in Australia specialising in international pet travel. This accolade means we are recognised as an industry leader and trusted by the world's largest airlines.

Our job isn't done until your pet is reunited with you safely. Start your pet's move by requesting a pet travel quote today.

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