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Understanding pet quarantine rules in the US

Are you and your pet relocating to the United States of America? To relocate a pet into the US, there are several pet import rules and regulations to be followed. US law requires that your pet is vaccinated, has the right documentation and is healthy without any communicable diseases to be able to enter the country.

US pet import rules are different depending on the country your pet is travelling from. All the regulations need to be followed for entry into the country; failure to meet the requirements will mean your pet will be denied entry. Read More

Quarantine in the US

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires that all pets entering the country must be healthy and be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days before the travel date. Puppies entering the United States also need to be immunised before arrival. Since the rabies vaccine is administered at three months, your puppy will have to be at least four months old to be able to enter the US. Pet cats entering the US do not need to be immunised for rabies. However, CDC encourages all pet owners to vaccinate their pets before travelling.

Most US states and territories do not require quarantine for dogs and cats coming from other countries, provided other health, and veterinary conditions are met. However, Hawaii and Guam are rabies-free territories and have quarantine requirements for pet dogs and cats entering the territories.

Unimmunised dog permit

If your pet dog is travelling from a country that is considered rabies-free, you have the option of applying for an unimmunised dog permit. With this permit, unimmunised dogs will be allowed entry into the country, provided all the other conditions of import are met.

The CDC considers pet dogs that have never been immunised or have been immunised when they were less than three months old or dogs that have been vaccinated less than 30 days before travelling to the US as unimmunised dogs.

If you are bringing an unimmunised dog to the US, you will need to apply for a permit at least two weeks before the date of travel. The CDC grants these permits under limited circumstances on a case-by-case basis. The permits are issued only to US residents and visitors who will stay for 30 days or more in the US.

Confinement agreement

The unimmunised dog permit includes a confinement agreement, which pet owners applying for the permit must agree to. In lieu of quarantine, pet owners must agree to confine their dog at home or any other enclosure until your dog is fully immunised against rabies.

Your pet dog will have to be immunised for rabies within four days of entry into the country and will need to be confined at home for at least 30 days till the vaccine takes effect. Puppies that are too young to be vaccinated must be kept in confinement till they can be vaccinated at three months of age and they will continue to be confined for 30 days for the vaccine to take effect.

Confinement means your dog should not come in contact with people or other animals during this period. When you take your dog out, he or she must be muzzled and leashed at all times. State officials from CDC will monitor the confinement. The importer is responsible for enforcing the confinement and will have to ensure all conditions of the unimmunised dog permit are met for your pet dog to be able to come out of confinement.

Making the Process of Moving Pets from Australia to the USA Straightforward and Stress-Free

If you’re planning an overseas move from Australia to the USA, chances are your four-legged family member is coming with you. Relocating and moving dogs from Australia to the USA is a significant undertaking, but with proper preparation, it can be a smooth and straightforward process. Doing the research prior to the move and understanding the specific regulations and requirements for importing your pets to the USA can help you to prepare ahead. It’s useful to help your pet acclimate to the travel crate well in advance of your departure, so they feel secure during the journey. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is fit to fly and has all the necessary vaccinations. Different states may also have specific important requirements, so it is important to check what is needed beforehand.

Are You Interested in Assistance When Moving Dogs to the USA?

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Call the experts

Relocating to the US with a pet may not be as straightforward as it sounds; you have to ensure all health tests, immunisations and paperwork are complete and error-free for your pet to be able to enter the country. If you are moving to the US with your pet, reach out to us at Petraveller for a comprehensive travel plan and assistance in making this move successful.