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Australian Government Health Certificate

Relocating a pet overseas requires extensive paperwork and veterinary visits before your pet is cleared to travel. An Australian government health certificate is one of the documents required before your pet can travel to another country. This health certificate is issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) after your pet’s final vet check just before the departure date if all your pet’s documentation and veterinary treatments required for export are in order.

When your vet prepares your pet for export, you must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to export live animals to the DAFF. When you submit the NOI, you must book the pre-export appointment with the department. Your pet travel partner can help make this process easier by submitting these documents on your behalf.

DAFF will asses your NOI and your pet’s documents and issue the Health Certificate only if your pet’s documents are in order and fulfil all import conditions of the destination country. The Health Certificate and Import Permit will be issued only if your pet complies with all Australian export regulations.

DAFF charges a fee to prepare your pet’s health certificate and export permit. Pet parents are charged based on how long the inspection takes. The approximate fees for inspections lasting 15 minutes during office hours are outlined below:

Export permit charges $299
Assessment (NOI) $48
Document assessment and preparation $74
Inspection – non-vet $48


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