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How to Prepare Your Dog for International Travel

Travelling abroad is a fantastic experience and the memories are made all the more special when you can bring your furry companion along with you. Whether you are heading off for a short trip, a longer vacation or relocating completely, it’s important to ensure that your dog is adequately prepared for travel. Unfortunately, pet transport isn’t as simple for our pets as it is for us - there are strict rules that you have to follow. Rest assured; we have you covered here.

Pet Passport and Documentation

Set yourself up for minimal stress by ensuring that you are organised with the right paperwork and documentation that is required by both the pet courier in Australia and the destination country. Ensure that their pet passport is up to date including a description of your dog, your details as their owner, their health status, vaccination information and more. It’s also essential to investigate whether your pet needs an import permit to enter your destination country - without the right documentation, you could be subject to quarantines, and health checks on arrival and your pet might even be refused entry.

You’ll find this is the most important step when preparing your dog for their pet flights. However, spending time and attention to get this right before travel will certainly ease stress for both you and your dog. Just remember that import rules and regulations can change at any time so be sure to check regularly in the lead-up to your trip.

Health Check and Medications

Travelling internationally can be anxiety-inducing - especially if the trip involves flights for pets - for both you and your furry friend. Booking your dog into the vet is a great place to start when you schedule international travel. They’ll be able to provide a health check to ensure that your dog is fit to travel and will give advice on how to ensure that they remain in peak health in the weeks leading up to the trip.

During this time, you’ll also be able to schedule any vaccinations that your pet may need to enter your destination country and obtain the relevant paperwork as proof. Keep in mind that some vaccinations will require more than one dose so the earlier you organise, the better. If your dog is taking any medication, this is a great time to ensure that you’ve ordered (and received) enough for the trip. It’s also a good time to consider whether your dog could benefit from medication that would ease anxiety during their pet freight if needed.

Lastly, if your dog is yet to be microchipped, ensure that you’ve booked them in before travel. The majority of countries require your dog to have one and can refuse entry without.

Travel Amenities and Other Essentials

Just as you’d pack a travel bag for yourself, it’s important to pack one for your dog to ensure that they have the right amenities and essentials for their trip. In this kit, you could include:

  • Food and water for your dog
  • Any medication that they’ll need
  • Comfort items such as their favourite toys
  • Their collar and leash
  • A soft towel to clean any messes during travel

You’ll also need to research the airline (or other transport company) to understand the appropriate crate or carrier for your dog and purchase a new one if necessary. This will depend on whether your dog is travelling as cargo or in the cabin - generally, they’ll need a crate in the cargo but a carrier in the cabin. In the weeks leading up to travel, it’s beneficial to train your dog so to maximise their comfort levels when the day comes.

Consider Animal Transport Services to Help You Prepare

When it comes to pet transport in Australia, choose an animal transport company for a comprehensive service. Rest assured that you don’t have to prepare for international pet travel alone. A pet transport company will help you to take care of the paperwork, and your pets’ health checks, accompany them during their flight if needed and even provide door-to-door transportation if you like. Call the experts at Petraveller today to learn more about international pet transport in Brisbane and beyond.