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International Pet Travel Trends

Travelling with a pet is an important part of the industry and should not be ignored. With many pet owners refusing to travel unless they can bring their furry friend along, the rise in demand is clear.

Here are some increasing international pet travel trends.

Over 50% of Pet Owners Plan to Travel with Their Pets

With an increase in pet travel from Australia and beyond, more families are opting to take their pets with them on their vacation instead of leaving them at home. Accommodation options and attractions are becoming more pet-friendly over time, so the rising trend comes as no surprise.

Over 25% of owners plan to travel once or twice, 37% are planning 3 to 5 trips within the next year and 31% are planning 6 or more trips with their furry friend. So the demand for pet transport in Australia and beyond is clear to see.

An Estimated 2 Million Pets Travel on Commercial Flights Each Year

Flights for pets are becoming more frequent due to the high demand. From domestic pet flights to international pet transport, there are growing numbers of companies that will help your pet get from A to B with as much comfort as possible. Whether the need is due to holidaymakers or relocators, the demand for animal transport services is continuously increasing.

There is a Growing Demand for Pet-Friendly Accommodation

There is significant demand for pet travel services, mainly due to the growth in demand for animal-friendly properties such as hotels, cafes, parks and beaches. And with many pet owners preferring to travel with their pets than without, facilities worldwide are being pushed to keep up with the rising trend.

More than 50% of Owners Plan Their Trip Around Their Pet

The demand for pet travel has become so great that more than 50% of pet owners admit to planning their trip entirely around their pet’s needs. This includes their choice of accommodation as well as their itinerary and excursions. In some countries, as many as 75% of accommodations will allow pets to stay, including luxury, mid-scale and economy hotels.

Pet Owners Prefer to Travel by Car or Plane

Over 60% of pet owners would prefer to travel by car if given the option, closely followed by plane. The increase in pet courier services and pet-friendly airlines could see the gap close in the near future. As airlines transition and the option for pets to travel in the cabin increases, the popularity of pet owners choosing to travel by plane could well increase.

Looking to Travel with Your Pet?

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