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Tips For Settling Your Dog into a New Home

Moving home is an exciting yet stressful time. And when you have a pet, there is often an extra layer of complication. You also have to consider the toll of the process for them including any pet flights. Minimising anxiety and maximising comfort is essential during the transition.

Here are our top tips for settling your dog into their new home.

Find a Routine and Stick with It

Dogs thrive on routine and habit so establishing this is crucial after the move. Try to keep their new routine as close to their old as possible for minimal disruption. The more that you can stick to their schedule, the easier they’ll find the transition - even if that means a bit of stopping and starting for you while you settle in.

Expend Extra Energy Every Day

Just like humans, exercise is a great way to reduce your dog's anxiety. By expending some energy, their stress levels will be reduced, and they’ll remain calmer while adjusting to life in the new home. From longer walks to playing with your dog in the garden, there are plenty of ways to add some extra exercise to your dog’s schedule.

Set Up a Safe Space for Your Dog

Set up a space for your dog to feel comfortable as soon as possible. With the guaranteed boxes and clutter that will fill your home immediately when moving, it’s essential to give your dog a space where they feel safe. From their favourite toys to their bed, crate and other comforters, your dog will find peace amongst their familiar belongings. Consider the pet transport method that they’ve taken. If they’ve been on a longer international flight, they’ll likely appreciate a comfortable corner to rest and calm down.

Amp Up the Affection

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the endless list of tasks after moving home but don’t forget to give your furry friend lots of love and attention. If their pet transport in Australia has been in the cargo, they’ll be missing the regular cuddles from you and your family. So some extra TLC will help to calm their anxieties and assure your dog that your love remains. From an encouraging tone to some belly rubs, it won’t take much for them to feel relaxed in their new home.

Be Patient

The transition to a new home will take time. Be patient and persevere, and your dog will soon be back to their normal self. Remember that your dog will respond to stress and anxiety in a different way than a human, and this could include excessive barking or having an accident inside. But they’ll be doing the best they can, and their behaviour will regulate in time. And consider the length of time they’ve been out of routine. If the pet travel in Australia has taken a number of days, your dog could take longer to settle back into their routine.

Looking to Relocate?

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