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What Diet is Best for Your Dog in the Lead Up to Travel?

Travelling with your pet in Australia can be out of necessity or pleasure, but either way, it’s essential to ensure that they are in good health for travel. Preparing for pet travel in Australia and beyond starts with their diet. So in the lead-up to their journey, what diet is best for your dog?

Find out here.

Consistency is Key to Minimise Stress

To ensure that your dog stays in top health in their day-to-day life, a balanced diet is recommended. And if they are consuming a nutrient-rich diet daily, they’re more likely to be fit for travel. Whether we’re talking about flights for pets or a road trip in your vehicle, pet transport can bring stress to your dog. So it’s important to keep the elements that you can control as unchanged as possible. This includes their diet and home comforts. In the lead-up to their trip, keeping their food and routine as normal as possible will reduce anxiety levels and ensure that they remain fit for travel. During this time, don’t introduce any new foods and don’t change the quantity of food that you’re giving your furry friend.

Consider the Purpose of Your Dog’s Trip

The purpose of your pet’s travel will have an impact on how you can prepare your pup for their trip. Consider whether you are taking a short vacation for a period of a few days, a longer trip that will last a number of weeks or a one-way relocation.

Short term

If you are taking a short-term trip, your dog’s diet will be largely unaffected. If they eat fresh food, you’ll be able to continue with this diet so long as you can take enough with you, or purchase some at your destination. In this case, you needn’t worry too much about their diet before you travel.

Long term

When taking a longer trip that involves pet flights, it can be hard to ensure that fresh food stays fresh and purchasing new isn’t always an option. In cases like these, you might have to adapt your dog’s diet out of necessity. It’s important to prepare for any dietary changes in advance so your dog’s stomach has time to adapt.

Chat with a Pet Courier in Australia That You Can Trust

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For more information about domestic and international pet freight or nutritional advice whilst travelling, get in touch with our friendly team.