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Banned breeds in Finland

Breed-specific legislation is common in several countries worldwide where dogs and cats of certain breeds are restricted or prohibited for import. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to a different country with your pet, it is important to check if they are on the banned breeds list before making travel plans.

Finland is a pet-friendly country, and dogs and cats are common pets here. Every fourth household in Finland owns or has owned a pet dog, and nearly 31% of homes are pet owners. Though Finland does not have breed-specific regulations in place, there are some breed restrictions in the country. If you are travelling to Finland with your pet, here’s what you need to know about banned and restricted breeds in Finland.

What is breed-specific legislation?

Every year, nearly 5 million people are attacked by dogs worldwide. Though all dog attacks are not fatal, dogs can cause considerable injury to people and other animals. In addition, some dog breeds have historically been bred for fighting and protection, and these dog breeds are known to be aggressive and strong by nature and assumed to be more predisposed to attack.

Some countries have breed-specific legislation where the possession of dog of certain aggressive and strong breeds is illegal. These laws are in place to keep people and other animals safe from dog attacks. Breed-specific legislation usually affects dog breeds like Pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Italian Mastiffs and other breeds with strong jaws that are capable of severe injury. Breed-specific laws are based on the assumption that all animals that fall under this category are dangerous and need to be restricted.

These aggressive dog breeds are banned in many countries and restricted in others; pet parents have to undergo training and must compulsorily register their pets in countries where they are prohibited.

Banned and restricted breeds in Finland

Finland does not have breed-specific legislation in place, and all dog and cat breeds are allowed for import. There is no ban or restriction on the import of specific dog and cat breeds except dog and cat hybrids crossed with wild breeds. The following hybrids are not allowed for import in Finland:

  • Dogs crossed with wild wolves
  • Cats crossed with wild breeds such as wild Bengal cats and Savannah cats

International pet transport to Finland

Like many European countries, Finland is extremely pet-friendly and is the perfect destination for fun adventures with your pet. Both dog and cats are popular pets, and they are welcome in most public places, including public transport.

Travelling to Finland with your pet can be overwhelming, especially if you are not aware of the pet import rules in the country. An experienced pet transport agency can help you understand the different pet import regulations and ensure your pet dog or cat has a calm and stress-free pet travel experience.  

If you are flying to Finland with your pet dog or cat, reach out to Petraveller for more information on zero-harm pet transport and a free pet travel quote.