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Banned breeds in Italy

Many countries have breed-based legislations where dog breeds that are historically known to be aggressive and dangerous are banned or restricted. In these countries, you cannot own or import these dog breeds.

Italy is one of the most pet-friendly countries in Europe. Italians love their puppies and many families have one or more pet dogs. Pet dogs are allowed in most public places, including most tourist attractions. If you are travelling to Italy on holiday or moving to Italy, you and your pooch will love the pet-friendly beaches, vacation villas in beautiful Tuscany, and the many dog-friendly tourist sites in the country.

If you are planning to travel to Italy with your pet dog, here's what you should know about banned and restricted dog breeds in the country: 

Prohibited breeds in Italy

Italy, like most European countries, had a comprehensive list of banned dog breeds. Till 2007, there were 92 different dog breeds on the banned breeds list in Italy, including friendly breeds such as Collies and Corgis. In 2007, a new legislation was passed, and the list of dangerous dogs was pared down to 17 breeds. The new list included dog breeds such as Tosa Inu, Pitbull, Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog, Brazillian Mastiff and others.

Currently, Italy does not ban any dog breeds from entering the country. The city of Venice, however, prohibits the entry of the following breeds:

  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman Pinscher

Dangerous dog rules in Italy

In 2009, Italy revoked the dangerous dog legislation and introduced a new law that puts the responsibility of the dog on the owner. The pet parent has to make sure the dog is trained and is not a threat to society.

The new law requires pet parents to ensure public safety by walking dogs on a lead when out in public. The length of the lead must be not more than 1.5m. If the dog is aggressive or dangerous, they must be muzzled in public at all times, irrespective of the breed. Training dogs to be aggressive using sticks and other cruel methods are also prohibited under the legislation. Dogs travelling on public transport must also be on a lead and muzzled at all times.

Pet transport to Italy? Contact the pet travel specialists

International pet transport to Italy is a complex process that can be confusing for a pet parent. The process is different depending on the country of origin, and several steps are time-bound and complicated. An accredited pet travel agency can help you with all the regulations to be followed and make sure your pet dog or cat reach their destination safely and without harm.

If you are planning to move to Italy with your pet, reach out to the team at Petraveller for more information on pet import regulations in the country and a detailed pet travel itinerary.