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Best dog-friendly travel blogs to follow

Travelling with a dog may come with a lot of challenges, but the joy of discovering new places with your furry companion is unparalleled. When you are travelling with your dog, you need to go the extra mile to make sure the entire itinerary is dog-friendly. There are so many things to consider while planning a trip: pet-friendly accommodation, travel and activities, pet import rules and regulations if you are planning international travel, the best pet gear to buy for your travelling pet, and much more.

There are several dog travel blogs on the internet that chronicle the lives of globe-trotting dogs. These blogs are an excellent resource for information on pet-friendly travel destinations and activities. Here are some of the best dog travel blogs on the internet for you to follow for ideas and inspiration.

Dog Adventures

Dog Adventures is a blog and website that celebrates the great Australian outdoors. This blog has comprehensive information on Australian dog-friendly campsites, hikes, adventures, gear, and much more. The blog lists pet events, articles on pet health, and fitness in addition to travel-related posts. The gear guide is a great section with interesting infographics on what doggy gear is essential for different activities like camping, paddling, driving, and more.

Dog Adventures lists both well-known dog-friendly getaways as well as obscure and little-known destinations. It is a brilliant resource for pet parents looking to spend time with their pooches in the outdoors. Follow this blog for news and information about all things dog-friendly in Australia.

Bodie on the Road

Bodie on the Road is a charming blog about Bodie the dog and his pet parent Belinda, a British author. Currently living in the United Kingdom, Bodie and Belinda have visited 30 states in the United States and travelled across the US three times. The blog chronicles their travels as well as gives insightful tips and tricks for a successful doggie trip.

Bodie on the Road is an entertaining read, full of wisdom and anecdotes. Belinda has also penned a book based on the blog – Bodie on the Road – The Dogged Pursuit of Happiness. If you are looking for travel inspiration in the US and UK, read to this blog for Bodie’s adventures and other dog travel tips.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is a globe-trotting celebrity dachshund from Canada. The blog is fascinating and chronicles the life of Crusoe with viral videos that have garnered more than 3 million followers. Crusoe is a celebrity dog and poses in a variety of costumes, which make him instantly likeable. Crusoe’s videos are high on entertainment and sure to get you hooked as soon as you watch.

The blog also addresses health issues that Dachshunds are prone to, with a whole section on Crusoe’s brush with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Crusoe’s pet parent Ryan Beauchesne has also written a New York Times bestseller – Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire that talks about Crusoe’s many adventures.


Travelnuity is an incredible resource for pet parents looking to travel with their furry friends. Written by Shandos Cleaver, an Australian blogger who is currently travelling through Europe with her Minature Dachshund Schnitzel, the blog has a wealth of information on almost every aspect of dog-friendly travel across the world.

Be sure to follow Travenuity for expert tips on dog-friendly travel, advice on accommodation, suggestions on local food and events, and much more. The blog covers dog-friendly travel to destinations such as Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia Pacific. Travelnuity is a must-read website for every intrepid traveller who wishes to travel with their canine companion.


PetsPyjamas is an award-winning pet lifestyle website that is devoted to pet-friendly travel and pet travel accessories. A British website, PetPyjamas aims to help make pet owners’ lives easier with recommendations, useful articles, exclusive accessories, and much more.

The website features hand-picked hotels, cottages, country houses and B&Bs in England that are dog-friendly and budget-friendly, and has an accessories shop where you can buy some fantastic accessories for your pet. Be sure to follow PetsPyjamas for their incredible deals and travel packages especially if you are a pet parent in the United Kingdom or if you are planning to travel to the UK.

Dog Jaunt

Dog Jaunt is an exciting travel blog that chronicles the travels of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Chloe. The blog is managed by an American blogger Mary-Alice Pomputius, and she writes about their journeys with Chloe in the United States of America. Most of the posts on this blog talk about travel in the US with a small dog, but you can also find information on international travel and resources for large dogs too.

The blog has reviews of dog products, books, and mobile apps, and has a handy list of resources that would help anybody travelling with their pets. Dog Jaunt has an informative book – Bone Voyage – Travel With Your Pet, which is a how-to book about dog travel that you can buy on the website.

International travel with your pet dog or cat is enjoyable and within reach. If you are looking to travel to an international destination with your canine pal, get in touch with Petraveller for all your pet’s travel needs.