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Best pet boarding facilities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful place to own a pet, and there are several pet boarding facilities in the city to leave your precious pet when you are travelling. Gone are the days when there were inadequate activities and pet boarding services in the Thai capital. With the number of dog and cat owners increasing steadily, the city has several good pet boarding options to choose from.

Before choosing a boarding facility for your pet dog or cat in Bangkok, it is important to visit the facility and check if it is clean and hygienic. Make sure you speak with the staff and check if they are friendly, well-informed and good with animals. Remember to find out if there is an emergency vet on call and if the employees are equipped to handle emergencies. Most pet lodging facilities require the pet dog or cat to be fully vaccinated before using the services.

Here are some of the best-recommended facilities in Bangkok for those occasions when your pet cannot travel with you:

Dog Park 49

Dog Park 49 is perhaps Bangkok’s best dog park and doggie daycare centre. The facility has everything a pampered dog would need – two swimming pools, gym, playground, grooming services, and a training school. Located in the centre of Bangkok in Sukhumvit 49, this boarding facility promises to be fun and entertaining for your pet.

The 31-room dog hotel has clean and spacious rooms with 24/7 supervision of the trained staff. All dogs staying at the dog hotel can enjoy all the activities of the park, such as indoor playtime, time at the dog run and much more. The hotel also provides daycare, grooming and training services.

You can choose between Basic, Deluxe and Premium rooms for your pet. There are elevated orthopaedic beds with fleece blankets in the rooms. All pets have access to filtered air and water, and they will be taken out periodically on toilet breaks and for exercise.

Unleased Bangkok

Located in Sukhumvit 64, Unleashed is a western-style cage-free dog daycare and pup hostel. The first of its kind in Bangkok, Unleashed is an excellent place for your doggy to socialise with other pooches and learn new skills. The dogs do not stay in kennels or cages; they play and sleep together in a home-like environment.

At Unleashed, dogs are not separated according to their size or breed; they live and stay together as a large, mixed group. All dogs are monitored 24/7 by specially trained staff. Exciting activities that are a mix of fun, exercise, relaxation and skill-building are scheduled for your pooch during the day.

Dogs with behavioural issues and aggression are not accepted at Unleashed. Advance booking is strictly required, and all new dogs are assessed first by the management before they are allowed to board.

JoYu Cat Hotel

Located near Soi Ram Inthra 44, JoYu Cat Hotel is a lovely home for pampered felines. At JoYu, your beautiful cat can also have a luxurious grooming and bathing session that includes trimming and ear cleaning.

The JoYu Cat Hotel has two types of rooms – a VIP room and a shared room. The rooms are large, clean and airy and have big windows for the cats to look outside. There are 10 VIP rooms with cat toys, cat condos, litter boxes, clean water and food. The shared room is a large and airy room with cages of various sizes. During the day, the cats are taken out of the cages for exercise and play.

Pet Hotel Bangkok

The Pet Hotel Bangkok is a luxury boarding and daycare destination for pampered cats and dogs in Bangkok. Located in Sukhumvit 103, the Pet Hotel has 58 spacious rooms and suites with 24-hour care for your precious pet. The rooms are spacious and airy, and they have glass doors that give your pets a view of what is happening around them.

When you book your pet in, you can choose between Standard, Deluxe, Junior and Presidential suites for your dogs. Cats have two separate suites – Standard and Junior. All the rooms are air-conditioned and climate-controlled. Your pets are let out of their rooms for exercise, playtime and grooming. The hotel also has a pet spa for pets that need extra attention.

Travelling to Bangkok?

Pet travel to Thailand is a lengthy procedure that needs several weeks of preparation and documentation. If you are planning to relocate to Thailand with your pet dog or cat, get in touch with the team at Petraveller for a detailed pet travel itinerary.