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Best pet boarding facilities in New York City

Pet parents in New York City have a number of pet boarding options for their furry friends. New York City has several excellent boarding facilities that range from homestays to luxurious resorts. Whether you are travelling on work or going on a holiday with family, you can leave your pet dog or cat at these boarding facilities with confidence.

Before you choose a boarding facility for your pet, make it a point to visit the facility and assess it for cleanliness and hygiene. Check if the employees are friendly and knowledgeable; they should know what to do in case of emergencies. Ask the boarding centre if there is a vet on call to help with emergencies. An excellent pet boarding facility will ensure that all pet dogs and cats get enough exercise and time to socialise; don’t forget to check if the facility has ample space for exercise for both dogs and cats.

If your pet is shy, or not social, or has separation anxiety, ask for a trial run before deciding on the boarding facility. Choose a centre that is best suited for your pet; it is vital that your pet feels at home and comfortable at the facility.

Paws in Chelsea

Paws in Chelsea is a cageless pet boarding facility in the Metropolitan region. One of the first pet hotels in New York City, Paws in Chelsea prides itself on its personalised service and family-like atmosphere at the boarding facility.

Dogs in Paws in Chelsea are divided into small playgroups based on their size and disposition. At this facility, dogs are brought together to play and rely on one another to diminish the anxiety of being away from home. The employees are incredibly devoted and have been trained to give individual attention to all the dogs boarding at the centre. Since it is a cage-less boarding centre, Paws does not accept dogs that are excessively aggressive.

Cats have a separate room where they are boarded in oversized cages. Cats are allowed free time outside the cage every day and have access to the scratching post and the cat condo. Other services offered by Paws in Chelsea are daycare, grooming, dog walking and pet transportation.

Prices for boarding cats start at $45 per night and $65 per night for small dogs.

Canine Retreat by American Kennel Club

Canine Retreat by AKC is a full-range pet boarding service which offers services such as daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, training and walking. The employees are trained in pet care methods recognised by the American Kennel Club.

Canine Retreat is present in seven exclusive locations in New York, and each place is spacious and hygienic, with plenty of rest and play areas for your pets. There are multiple indoor and outdoor areas for play and exercise; the outdoor areas are fully protected ensuring the safety of the dogs. You can check up on your pet at any time via the live webcam.


If your dog or cat prefers staying at home with a family, rather than a boarding facility with many other pets, Rover is an excellent option. Rover connects you with pet sitters in your neighbourhood who will take in your pet dog or cat into their home and treat him or her like family. Rover is best for pets that are shy and timid.

Rover has a database of more than 65,000 reviewed and approved sitters from across the country Rover is perfect because you can find a pet boarder in your neighbourhood, thus ensuring your pet does not feel out of place or overwhelmed by new surroundings. The pet sitter will follow the same routine and feed your pet the food he or she is accustomed to. And you are assured of constant photo updates through the stay.

Rover also offers house sitting, drop-in pet visits, dog walking and doggy day care services. Pet boarding rates at Rover differ depending on the sitter you choose.

Brooklyn Cattitude

Cats are notoriously wary of change and not all of them like being boarded, even in the friendliest of boarding centres. If your cat hates getting out of the house, a cat sitter from Brooklyn Cattitude can help solve your boarding woes. Brooklyn Cattitude has well-qualified cat sitters who will visit your home and spend time with your feline friend. The sitters will play and cuddle with your cat, feed and change the water, clean the litter box, and even water your plants.

The cat sitters will send you an email when they arrive at your home and another when they leave. You will also get regular photo updates of your cat during the period. Cattitude also has trained sitters who can handle cats with special needs; they can administer oral and topical medications, insulin etc. Cat sitting rates at Cattitude start at $24 per pet for a 20-minute visit. An overnight stay starts at $95 per pet per night.

Camp Canine

Camp Canine is a full-service pet boarding facility in New York’s Upper West Side, which boards both dogs and cats. Camp Canine has a popular daycare program, and dog and cat boarders get to participate in all the fun activities.

Dog boarders stay in clean and safe kennels with raised beds for comfort. They are fed high-grade dog food, with the option of bringing your own food, if required. The facility has restricted access; only staff members are allowed inside, keeping your precious pet safe and sound at all times.

Camp Feline, the cat boarding facility, is separate from the dog facility. The Deluxe Kitty Condos are sunny, ventilated and spacious. The cats have two-level, single occupancy condos with devoted cat lovers to care for them. Every Kitty Condo has a resting platform and portholes for entertainment. Rates for the kitty condo start at $39.95 per night.

Summing up…

This roundup of the best pet boarding centres in New York City includes some of the many pet boarding options in the city. Most facilities insist on strict vaccination requirements, and some centres board only desexed pets. It is best to take a tour of the premises before making a reservation, after all the comfort of your pet is paramount.

If you are planning on relocating to New York with your pet, please reach out to us at Petraveller for a detailed travel plan and other advice on living in New York with a pet.