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Best pet boarding facilities in San Francisco

San Francisco has a vibrant pet community with a plethora of activities and establishments that welcome pets. If you live in San Francisco with your pet dog or cat, there is no lack of excellent pet boarding facilities in the area.

Take your time to identify a boarding facility that best suits the temperament of your pet. There are different types of boarding facilities that cater to pet dogs and cats of all personalities. Home-style cage-free boarding is for dogs that love to run free and wild. Resort-style luxury pet boarding is best for pampered cats and dogs who thrive on structure and luxury. Some pets may prefer smaller boarding houses while others love socialising with different pets in large pet resorts.

It is a good idea to take a tour first, preferably without your pet. Check that the facilities are clean, and the employees are experienced and friendly. Ask if there is a vet on call and whether the employees are trained to handle emergencies. Some boarding houses have CC TV cameras and live feeds where you can keep tabs on your pet.

Most pet boarding facilities require that your pet dog or cat be fully-vaccinated and healthy. You will have to produce the vaccination certificate before check-in. Some places also need your pet to be neutered or spayed; get all the information before you bring your pet. Cage-free facilities usually do a trial run with your dog or cat to check for temperament.

If you are looking for an excellent place to leave your pet in San Francisco when you are out travelling, here are some options:

Fog City Dogs

Fog City Dogs is a doggy daycare, spa and boarding centre with two locations in San Francisco – Bayview and Marina. One of the very first pet care facilities of its kind in the Bay Area, Fog City Dogs has been providing a fun and safe space for dogs to stay and socialise since 2002.

The pet centre is known for its fun social activities for dogs, its passionate staff, and its state-of-the-art facilities. Choose between the All-suite dog lodging with private suited designed with comfort and relaxation in mind and the Premium dog boarding accommodation, which are luxurious private suites for indulged doggies.

The centre has video surveillance throughout the facility and multi-stage extra-secure gate systems. The doggie playgroups are separated by the size of the dog and play style, and every dog is evaluated before participating in group play.

Pet Camp

Pet Camp was started by a team of pet lovers and pet parents with the intention of providing San Francisco pets a safe and happy environment to stay in when their pet parents are travelling. It is a family-owned facility that believes in providing personalised pet care.

Pet Camp welcomes both cats and dogs. Dogs are encouraged to run and play during the day and will not be confined to their rooms. The centre has personalised care for your dog and will customise the stay according to your dog’s personality. Doggy suites have radiant heat floors with premium bedding for your pampered pet. Choose from four different boarding programmes depending on your dog’s personality.

The cat boarding and cat safari have plenty of activities and stimuli to keep the cats busy during their stay at the camp. The large outdoor Safari Gardens is a safe and secure outdoor environment for your cat. You can also book the VIP (very individualised playtime) service if your cat craves for human attention. The cattery is large and spacious decorated tastefully with cat trees, aquariums and club lights that twirl around for your cat to chase.

Mr Muggles’ Dogs

Mr Muggles’ Dogs is a boutique dog boarding facility that caters exclusively to small and medium-sized breeds. The facility has been designed to be fun and comfortable for the dogs. It is a cage-free boarding centre with a limited number of dog suites for those dogs that prefer to be alone.

If you are looking for a boarding facility that treats your pooch like family, Mr Muggles is perfect for you. The centre also offers doggie daycare as well as doggie grooming in their well-appointed dog spa.

High Tail Hotel

High Tail Hotel is an eco-friendly, cage-free boarding and daycare centre for dogs. There are no cages and kennels here; instead, it has green grass and plenty of space to play around. The employees are experienced and knowledgeable and know how to make your dogs feel at home.

High Tail Hotel follows a slew of green initiatives that help conserve natural resources and protect the environment. The facility uses non-toxic natural cleaners to clean the premises, biodegradable poop bags, non-toxic bedding and natural treats for all the doggies.


Rover.com is a community of pet lovers who offer services like dog and cat boarding, house-sitting, dog walking, doggy daycare, and more. If your dog or cat is more comfortable at home than at a boarding centre, you can book a house-sitter to look after your pet from Rover.com. All sitters on the website have been vetted by the company and background checked.

All pet sitters have a detailed profile on the website. Read the reviews and pick the sitter perfect for you. Rover.com is best when you want to leave your pet behind in someone’s loving care, rather than a big boarding house with a lot of other pets.

If you are looking for an excellent place to board your pets in San Francisco, these can be a few places to start your search. Remember to read reviews and inspect the premises before you leave your precious pets. If you are planning to move to San Francisco with your pet dog or cat, contact us at Petraveller for more details.