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Doggy rules in Dallas: What you need to know about living in Dallas with a dog

Dallas has plenty of parks and open spaces for your doggy friend to walk and run around, however there are certain protocols that must be followed to live in the city with your pooch. If you are moving to Dallas with your pet dog, here are the doggie rules that you must follow in the city.

Register and vaccinate your dog

Dallas City Code deems that all dogs have to be vaccinated for rabies by the time they are four months old. Your dog has to display his or her rabies tag prominently on the collar or harness at all times. When the vat vaccinates your pet dog, you will be issued rabies tag and a certificate of vaccination that includes information such as the rabies tag number, vaccine details, your name and address, and identification features of your pet dog.

Make sure your pet dog is registered to an authorised registrar by presenting your pet’s vaccination certificate and paying the recommended fee. If your doggy is a registered service animal, the registration fee is waived off. After you register your pet, you will receive registration receipt and a registration tag that is valid for one year. All pet parents have to renew the registration annually.

Proper care and restraint

In Dallas, pet parents are expected to make sure their pets are well-treated and in good health. Pets must be brought up in a healthy environment, in surroundings that are sanitary and free from clutter. It is the prerogative of the pet parent to ensure the pet receives healthy food and care, and medical attention whenever necessary.

Your pet must be restrained appropriately when you take him or her for a walk or exercise. Most dog parks have off-lead areas for your pet pooch to exercise and socialise. If your doggy is off-lead, make sure the park allows off-lead dogs.

Follow the law

Dallas has several dog control laws in place to protect the general public from dog attacks, as well as safeguard dogs from dangerous and aggressive pets. It is imperative to follow these doggie rules to avoid a fine. Here are some important doggie rules in Dallas:

  • Leash laws – Unless your pet is in a designated off-leash area, he or she has to be on a lead at all times.
  • Transporting – It is illegal to transport your doggy on the open bed of flat-bed truck unless your dog is secured in a carrier.
  • Disturbance – In Dallas, a pet parent is liable to be fined if their pet dog disturbs the neighbours with unreasonable barking, howling or other noises for more than 15 minutes continuously.
  • Quarantine – If a pet dog bites or scratches a person, the pet parent has to surrender the pet for quarantine at a shelter or quarantine the pet at home until it is deemed safe by the city council.
  • Sterilisation – in Dallas, it is required by law to neuter all pet dogs that are over six months of age. If you do not wish to neuter your doggy, you will have to present a certificate from a licensed vet certifying that the pet dog cannot be neutered for health reasons or is non-fertile. Service animals and dogs in competition are exempt from this rule. A breeder of dogs needs a valid intact animal permit to breed dogs.

Dog-friendly parks

Dallas is home to several dog-friendly parks that have off-lead areas for your pooches to run around. When you take your pet dog to public parks, it is important to remember the rules. Dogs in the off-lead areas must be under visual and voice control at all times. If your dog shows any signs of aggression against other dog or people, make sure to remove him or her from the park immediately. Dangerous and aggressive dogs are not allowed in the off-leash areas of the dog park; they must be muzzled and kept on a lead at all times.

If your female dog is in heat, do not bring her to the dog park. Make sure your dog is wearing the registration and vaccination tags prominently. Do not forget to clean up after your doggy and dispose of the waste suitably. Food and treats are not allowed in the dog park, nor are glass bottles.

Some of the best dog parks in Dallas are:

  • White Rock Lake Dog Park: This three-acre fenced off dog park is located on the northwest side of the White Rock Lake Park, and is a favourite among doggies and their pet parents. It has fantastic views of the lake and the wildflower areas. The dog park has separate small and big dog areas, drinking bowls and water fountains, picnic tables for the pet parents and pet waste station.
  • Bark Park Central: Located on Canton St. in Downtown Dallas, Bark Park Central is a popular place for canines to hang out and socialise. The 1.2-acre dog park is fenced off and has facilities such as drinking water bowls, dog showers to clean off and shaded areas to relax. The dog park is open 6-am to 11-pm on all days except Tuesdays when it is closed for maintenance.
  • Wagging Tail Dog Park: A seven-acre dog park located in North Dallas on Keller Springs Road, Wagging Tail Dog Park was the first ever dog park designed by the City of Dallas. The park has separate fenced-off small and big dog areas, drinking water fountains, picnic areas, trails and shaded areas for rest and relaxations. There is a flagstone observation deck in the park that offers magnificent views of a waterfall. The dog park is open on all days, except Mondays when it is closed for maintenance.

Moving to Dallas?

Pet transport to the United States of America is a complex process involving documentation, health checks, vaccinations and more to be able to enter the country with your pet dog. If you are planning to move to Dallas with your pet dog, contact us at Petraveller for a comprehensive pet travel plan.