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Living in LA with your dog: What to expect

Los Angeles, the home of celebrities and movie stars, is also famous for being one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States of America. There are plenty of activities, dog-friendly restaurants, cafés, and public places for you to hang out with your dog. The city of Los Angeles has several pet-friendly beaches and parks for your pooch to enjoy. If you are planning to move to LA with your doggie, here’s what you need to know about living in Los Angeles with a dog.

Follow the law

In Los Angeles, it is mandatory for all dogs to be licensed after the age of four months. All dogs must be vaccinated and spayed /neutered at four months of age. If you do not wish to desex your dog, you can apply for an exemption. A licence for a neutered or spayed dog costs $20 per year per dog. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, the license can cost between $100 and $335 per year per dog.

LA rules require you to spay or neuter your dog, to prevent unwanted litters and keep the dog population in check. LA has strict leash laws; keep your dog on a lead that is 2.5 metres or less unless they are in your yard or a dog park with designated off-lead areas. It is also against the law to tie up your dog for more than three hours at a time.

When you take your dog out in LA, remember always to scoop their poop whether you are in a park or the beach. Carry poop bags with you and dispose of the waste responsibly.

Dog-friendly parks in LA

Los Angeles has several dog-friendly parks and open spaces for your pooch to run about and exercise. Most parks have off-leash areas where your doggy can socialise with other dogs. Public parks have dog park rules that need to be followed for the safety of your pets and sanctity of the park.

All dogs visiting public dog parks must be over four months of age and vaccinated; unvaccinated puppies are not allowed in public parks in LA. All dogs must wear proper identification and licence tags on the collar at all times. LA dog parks only allow spayed, and neutered animals; female dogs in heat are not allowed. The dog park is a friendly and safe place for dogs to come together and socialise; therefore, vicious and aggressive dogs are not permitted entry into public dog parks in LA.

Always pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in the bins provided. If your dog is unwell or is suffering from a contagious disease, do not bring him or her to the park until they are better.

Some of LA’s most famous dog parks are the Runyon Canyon Dog Park, the Silver Lake Dog Park, and the Griffith Dog Park.

Dog-friendly beaches in LA

Los Angeles is blessed with great beaches and promenades; however, not all the beaches are pet-friendly. Most county beaches have a no-animal policy, so make sure you are at a pet-friendly beach before taking your doggy along. All pet-friendly beaches in LA require your dog to wear identification and licence tags on the collar at all times.

The pet-friendly beaches in LA have a few simple rules: pick up after your dog and use the proper bins to dispose of the waste. Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and do not bring an unvaccinated puppy to a public beach. Some beaches require dogs to be on lead and others are off-leash beaches; look for signs and make sure you follow the rules.

LA’s most famous pet-friendly beaches are Rosie’s Dog Beach, Granada Beach, Del Mar Beach and Huntington Dog Beach.

Pets on public transportation in LA

You can take your pet dog or cat on the public transport system in Los Angeles that includes the bus service, the bus rapid transit, the light rail and the subway. Your pet must be confined in a carrier at all times.

LA transit providers such as Big Blue Bus, Gold Coast Transit, Long Beach Transit, OmniTrans etc. allow small pets in carriers as well as service dogs. Some regional public transit providers such as Alhambra Community Transit and AVTA only allow service dogs on their buses.

Metrolink lets you take your pet on board as long as the dog is in a carrier during the journey, and the carrier must be kept on your lap or under the seat. There is no pet fee to take your pet on Metrolink.

Making a move?

Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world to live in, and pets in LA have a fun and comfortable life. If you are planning to move to LA with your furry friend, get in touch with Petraveller for a comprehensive travel itinerary.