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The best kennel services in Auckland

Auckland is an extremely pet-friendly city, and there is no shortage of dog and cat boarding services here. Auckland has several kennels that offer boarding, veterinary and day care services for your furry friend. From luxury pet hotels that provide fleece blankets and cookies to facilities that have swimming pools and play areas for your pets – Auckland has it all.

It can be heart-wrenching to leave your pet behind when you travel for work or on holiday, but with these doggy daycares, your pet is assured of the best care possible. Read on for a list of the best boarding and daycare facilities for your dog or cat in the Auckland area.

1. Pets in the City

Pets in the City is New Zealand's first pet hotel and doggie daycare facility. It is an exclusive indoor dog and cat boarding facility that is based on USA Pet Hotels. Pets in the City is very conveniently located in the heart of the city with two centres in Wairau Park and Mt Wellington. It is a full-service facility, and its services range from puppy training, dog and cat boarding, daycare and grooming. The dog hotel has individual apartments for each dog with raised beds and tasteful décor. The dogs have exclusive indoor play areas to socialise and exercise. The apartments at the dog hotel start at $43.50 per night going up to $54. The cat hotel has luxury condos and one night's stay at the condo will cost you $20.

If you are looking for a tasteful and secure place to leave your pet that is inside the city, Pets in the City is your best bet.

2. K9 Heaven

K9 Heaven is a rural farm stay for your dog. It is best for active dogs that require a lot of exercise. The farm is spread over 12 acres, and the dogs enjoy their day running around in packs under the supervision of trained staff. During the nights, the dogs sleep in an air-conditioned dog house, which is comfortable and home-like. K9 Heaven offers dog boarding, daycare and grooming. They insist on a trial day before confirming your booking for dogs that are staying there for the first time. One day at this boarding facility in Massey, Auckland costs $40 plus GST.

K9 Heaven is ideal for active dogs and those looking for a cage-free and lead-free boarding facility for their pets.

3. Bark Avenue

Bark Avenue is a five-star doggy daycare and pet hotel in Auckland that has spacious play areas for your pets to play and relax. The cattery has individual sleeping units and cat climbers for active cats. Bark Avenue has indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs; your pet even has a TV in this luxury facility. Bark Avenue's services include daycare and boarding for both dogs and cats and pet grooming. The pet hotel rates start at $36 per night and go on to $45 per night for large dogs. The cattery starts at $20 per night. Conveniently located in Ranui, Auckland, Bark Avenue is an excellent choice for active pets that prefer to stay indoors.

4. Brookby Lodge

Brookby Pet Lodge is a dog hotel and cattery located in Manurewa in Auckland. The lodge is spread over 10 acres of land and is surrounded by lush farmland. Brookby Lodge offers dog and cat boarding as well as daycare. It's an excellent place for your pet to socialise with other dogs while you are away on vacation. Staying at the Brookby Pet Lodge will cost about $26 per day for small dogs and up to $36 per day for large dogs.

5. Barkley Manor

As the name suggests, Barkley Manor is a huge state-of-the-art manor-style dog daycare facility that offers a cage-free and leash-free daycare experience for your furry pets. The manor has a grooming salon, indoor and outdoor training areas, a puppy academy and quiet rooms for your pets to relax in. The manor has three spaces catering to large dogs, medium dogs and small dogs. Barkley Manor is located in Grey Lynn, Auckland and is Auckland's first dedicated daycare, grooming and training facility. Full day packages at Barkley Manor start at $43. If you are looking for a daycare facility for your furry friend when you are out at work, or just a place for your pet to socialise, Barkley Manor is a great choice.

All the daycare and boarding facilities mentioned here require your pet to be vaccinated and healthy. Some boarding facilities will not take in non-social and aggressive dogs, as well as female dogs in season. Some facilities only take in de-sexed male adult dogs. It is best to speak with the kennel before making the booking.