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The best kennel services in Dublin

Travelling without your pet is probably one of the hardest things about being a pet parent. In Dublin, there are plenty of options for pet boarding and pet sitting services. Depending on what your pet is comfortable with, you can choose either a pet sitter who will come home and mind your pet, a home boarding service where your pet will live in someone else’s home, or a kennel service where your pet will live with other pets in a boarding facility.

Before zeroing in on a kennel service, always visit the facility and make sure it is clean and well-maintained and the employees are friendly. Check whether the facility is secure and has enough space for exercise and socialisation. Some important questions to ask a pet sitter or a kennel service is if they are ready for emergencies, if there is a vet on call, whether they are fully insured, and have enough experience with pets. Do your research before choosing a kennel service; the right kennel goes a long way in making your pet comfortable and less stressed about your absence.

DSPCA Pet and Spa Hotel

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals runs a boarding facility for cats and dogs in Dublin. It is a fully-secure facility with a vet on-call all seven days of the week. The kennels and cat suites are built in such a way that your pet cannot see his or her neighbours, thus limiting stress and intimidation. The individual dog and cat enclosures are well-ventilated and brightly lit.

The kennels are airy and hygienic and house individual dogs. Multiple dogs from the same home are housed in extra-large kennels. Dogs are walked twice a day and have two play times with the staff. The cat suite is luxurious and hygienic; it has a sleeping area and room for stretching and exercise. The cat suite has toys and scratch posts for the cats to play and exercise.

The DSPCA Pet Spa and Hotel is very busy during holiday months, and it is best to reserve a space for your dog or cat well in advance. DSPCA members get discounted rates on the boarding.

Best Kennels and Cattery

The Best Kennels and Cattery is a professionally managed and designed facility situated on 40 acres of sprawling land. It is hygienic and spacious and is the best home away from home experience your pet can get.

The kennels are specially designed and purpose-built to be the best boarding space for your dog. Each kennel has an internal and external dog run. The kennel has insulated roofing and special flooring. The entire facility is safe and secure and complies with the department of agriculture, UK standards.

The cattery has warm and spacious, and each unit has a heated cat house. Your cats receive great care here and have plenty of toys and cat posts for playing. Best Kennel and Cattery only accepts fully vaccinated and neutered cats.

The Dog House

The Dog House is for pets that prefer a home-like experience, rather than a kennel facility. A registered and fully-insured company, the Dog House boards your pooch at their home or connects you with loving host families who will board your dog in their home while you are away. The Dog House only takes in social and well-behaved dogs that are fully vaccinated. Their services include vet visits for older or sick dogs, collection and delivery service, regular exercise and lots of attention, and a comfortable home-away-from-home.

Doonane Dogs

Doonane Dogs is a 10-acre luxury facility for dogs in the foothills of Dublin Mountains. Your dog can enjoy the outdoor activities, luxury heated kennels, and constant care and attention at Doonane Dogs.

There are two types of kennels here: the Deluxe Kennels and the Bluebells Suite. Each pen in the Deluxe Kennel is heated and has classical music playing through the day. Every pen has an individual run attached to it and has fantastic views of fields and mountains. The Bluebell Suite is specially created for smaller dogs, and the pens have individual sofas and curtains. The idea is to make the kennel as home-like as possible for the smaller breeds.

Summing up

These are some of the many dog and cat boarding services in Dublin. Most boarding services only take in pets that are fully vaccinated and treated for ticks and fleas. Some facilities only take in neutered pets. Remember to check before booking your pet in a boarding facility.

If you are planning to travel to Ireland, contact our team today for a comprehensive travel plan for your pet.