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The best pet boarding facilities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US, and there are plenty of excellent pet boarding services in the city. From cage-free boarding facilities to luxury pet resorts, LA has it all.

While choosing a boarding facility for your pet, it is recommended that you visit the place before deciding. Ask for a trial run to ensure that your pet dog or cat is comfortable, and check if the facility is hygienic and maintained well. Dogs and cats must have enough walk and exercise time, and should be served premium pet food. Make sure that the facility has ample outdoor and indoor play and exercise areas for both cats and dogs.

Employees must be friendly and well-informed and be able to recognise and assist in a pet emergency. A boarding service that insists on mandatory vaccinations and parasitic treatments is preferable to minimise the risk of your pet catching disease at the kennel.

If your pet has separation anxieties, take time to choose the best boarding facility for him or her. Some pets prefer a home-like, open-plan experience, while others like to a more structured system with plenty of play time and socialisation: make a choice based on what your pet will find comfortable.

Doggie Goddess

If your pet doggy prefers a homely atmosphere when you are away, Doggie Goddess is the place to be. A family-run doggie daycare, grooming and boarding facility, Doggie Goddess offers a completely cage-free daycare and boarding experience for your dog. The daycare facility does not board dogs, but the dogs go to the owner’s home for overnight stays. The boarding facility is relaxed and stress-free. You can bring your food to the boarding facility to make sure your pooch’s dietary patterns are not changed.

Doggie Goddess is well known for the personalised service they offer and all pets immediately feel at home here. Dogs are entertained and exercised with activities such as chase, tug-o-war, catch, etc. This is an excellent place for your doggy to socialise with other pets and have fun at the same time. The facility has a huge backyard where the doggy guests are allowed time for free play. Boarding at Doggie Goddess starts at $50 per night.


PawFection is a doggy daycare, grooming, training and boarding facility. Dogs that board with PawFection also get access to the daycare facility where they can play and socialise with the other dogs. The facility has staff on the premises 24 hours a day, providing constant care and security for your pet.

PawFection welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds. There are three types of rooms you can choose from for your pet: kennel, private or cage-free. The centre only takes in dogs that are vaccinated and healthy. Overnight stays at PawFection start at $48 per night for the kennel and goes up to $75 per night for the private suite.

All Star Pet Resort

The All Star Pet Resort is a highly recommended boarding facility in Torrance that takes in both pet dogs and cats. There are a pet daycare centre and a grooming studio in the facility. The dog suite has indoor and outdoor runs for your doggie’s comfort. The dog hotel has a cosy sleeping area with fleece bedding and blankets. You can bring your doggy’s favourite toys and blankets along for security.

Dogs at the All Star Pet Resort are fed Pedigree dry dog food. If your doggy is on a different diet or has special dietary requirements, you are welcome to bring his or her food to the resort. The dog hotel has four different types of rooms: the small run, the medium run, the large run and the extra-large run. Prices start at $22 per night for the small run and go up to $27 per night for the extra-large run.

The kitty condo is spacious and comfortable for your cat pal. Each cat gets private quarters with a litterbox. The condo has two levels and is large enough for your kitty to stretch and play. The kitty condo is away from the dog boarding facility, and the cats will not be in close contact with the dogs. All Star has staff round-the-clock to take care of your pets’ needs. Prices for the kitty condo start at $16 per night.

The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa

If you are looking for a luxurious pet resort where your pet dog or cat is treated like royalty, head to The Barkley Pet Hotel in Westlake Village. The pet resort has a sprawling 50,000 square feet campus with a pet salon and spa, pet daycare and pet training facilities. The entire facility has been designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. Barkley Pet Hotel gives you access to the webcams when your pet boards there, letting you watch your furry companion even when you are away.

The dog boarding has six different suites to choose from: Rodeo Drive, Hollywoof Boulevard, Barkley Park & Westlake Park, Leisure and Serenity Suites. All the suites are spacious and hygienic with televisions and natural lighting. The Barkley Pet Hotel also takes in birds and other exotic pets. Prices for the Serenity suite starts at $55 per night going up to $100 per night for the Hollywoof Start suite.

The kitty city suites are similarly spacious and full of natural light. Each kitty condo has multiple levels with views of a tropical fish tank and a television. There is comfortable bedding, a private litter box and an air purification system in each condo. Prices for the kitty condos start at $42 per night.


Wagville is a holistic boarding facility for dogs that offers pet daycare, grooming, training and pet massage. Dogs at Wagville are divided by their size and temperament in the 14,000sq ft facility. The centre has both indoor and outdoor play areas for the pooches and kiddie play pools to splash around. This multiple award-winning facility follows a holistic philosophy to care for your furry pal. Wagville believes that your pet’s health and behaviour is linked to exercise, nutrition and stress levels, and a proper diet works wonders in helping your dog’s behavioural issues.

The cage-free boarding facility is clean and hygienic and has a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaning system. Dogs spending the night in Wagville can curl up on the comfortable cots or in snuggly beds. Prices for an overnight stay at Wagville start at $50 for a 24-hour period.

Summing up…

Listed here are some of the best pet boarding facilities in LA. Most kennels require your pet be vaccinated and neutered and also insist on temperament evaluation before admitting a pet. It is a good idea to check the admission regulations before making reservations.

If you are planning on travelling to the United States, reach out to our team at Petraveller for detailed travel plan for your pet.