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The best pet boarding services in London

London is well-known as a pet-friendly city and Londoners are generally very welcoming of dogs, cats, and even ferrets. It is an excellent city for pet parents, and there is no lack of pet events, pet-friendly cafés and restaurants, parks to exercise in and kennel services to leave your pets in when you are out of town.

Dogs and cats can get distressed when their families are away so choosing the best kennel services goes a long way in making them comfortable.

Visiting a facility before booking will provide peace of mind that the facility is clean, comfortable and well-maintained and the employees are genuine animal lovers. Essential questions to ask staff include if they are prepared for emergencies, if there is a vet on call, and if dogs get ample exercise time and cats have access to scratch posts and toys. Read on for some of the best kennel and boarding services for your pets in London.

Pets in the City

Pets in the City recognises that it is stressful for your dog to be without you and strives to create a home away from home for your pet. It is a cage-free and kennel-free facility where all the dogs in residence live indoors as part of the family. They have two facilities, and each facility takes in between one to three dogs at a time. Only socialised and vaccinated dogs can board at the facility and dogs are fed with hearty meals of your choice and taken on long countryside hikes.

Pets in the City boards only a few dogs at a time, it is best to book in advance. This dog-only kennel is suited to owners looking for a lead-free and kennel-free experience boarding service akin to your home. Boarding at Pets in the City starts at £40 per day plus a drop and pick up service to ferry your dogs from home to the facility.

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

The Elmtree Pet Hotel is an outstanding facility in North London that has created a luxury environment for your pets. Located on a four-acre plot, the boarding facility has plenty of space to exercise, play and relax. An indoor gymnasium with agility courses will keep your doggie entertained during his or her stay, each kennel has leisure and sleeping areas, and every dog has access to a fully-covered exercise area and a quiet space to relax.

Elmtree also has a Feline Advisory Bureau listed cattery with 30 suites dedicated to your feline pals. Suites are temperature controlled, boast sleeping and leisure areas and cats have a private, fully enclosed exercise area to play. Prices start at £30 per day for dogs and £22 per day for cats.

Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats

Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats provides a solution for pet parents looking for home-like service, rather than a kennel for their pets. Happy Hounds has a network of home boarders who will take your cat or dog into their home and care for him or her as family till you return from your travels. Owners can meet with the pet-loving boarders before booking, and all boarders are referenced and fully insured. Most home boarders have secure gardens and your pet’s daily routine will continue as per schedule, with regular updates provided on how your pet is doing.

Happy Hounds has service in most of London and surrounding Home Counties. Prices start at £25 per day for dogs and the cat sitting prices start at £12 per day.

Dog Daddies

Located on a small rural farm outside West London, Dog Daddies is a dog daycare and boarding facility that offers pick up and drop offs in Notting Hill and surrounding areas of London. The farm is best suited to exercise pets and has secure fields for your pooch to run around and play. Pets stay indoors in the family home and can sleep wherever he or she chooses. There is a ball pit, a trampoline and a paddling pool for doggies to play and hypo-allergenic food is supplied at an extra cost.

Prices start at £50 per day with discounts for extended stays.

Summing up

Whether you want to leave your pet in a kennel or opt for a home-boarding service, London has plenty to offer. Most pet boarding facilities in London only accept booking for fully-vaccinated pets and an anti-flea and deworming treatment is recommended before boarding your dog or cat.