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Paris, France

International Pet Transport to Paris

International pet transport to Paris is direct from Australia via Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth flying with Qantas and Cathay Pacific. Flight time is approximately 20 hours.

International Pet Travel Requirements for Cats and Dogs

  • Airline approved pet travel crate
  • Annual vaccination
  • Customs clearance
  • Australian Government accredited veterinary consultation
  • Australian Government export permit
  • Australian Government health certificate
  • European Union health certificate
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Tapeworm vaccination

International Pet Relocation Arrival

Our team can arrange for your pet to be collected from Charles De Gaulle Airport and transported to your home or office via our international pet relocation partner. Pets can also be collected from Emirates Sky Cargo at the airport.

Emirates Sky Cargo

Location: WFS Building, Sogaris Fret 5, 10 Rue Du Pave, POB 19580 Tremblay en France, 95721
Phone: +33 1 70 76 00 00
Hours of Operation: 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday

Local Pet Requirements

Dog owners must microchip or tattoo and register dogs born after 6 January 1999 and cats born after 1 January 2012.

Living in Paris: A Canine Perspective

Parisians are very accepting of dogs in daily life. I’m always invited along for trips to the department store, pharmacy and bank but I can’t go into museums or even most neighbourhood parks. Thankfully some parks like Tuilleries and Luxembourg Gardens have a small areas set aside just for me and my new pals to roam free. Only un toutou (small dogs) are allowed on the metro, and preferably in a carrier but we can travel in a taxi provided we call ahead and confirm. We can also ride on the big red double decked bus to catch the sights from a dogs eye view. One place I’m always welcome is the local bistro, where I position myself under the table to catch the overflow of crunchy breadcrumbs and stay hydrated with my personal water bowl. Recently I was unwell but managed to avoid a visit to the Vet as thankfully most basic dog medicines can be found in pharmacies (phew). My human parents were so glad when I recovered that they booked me a spot with dog groomer to the stars, the legendary Marie Poirer. Woof!

Did you know?

In 2005 the Paris Zoo sent 19 Guinea baboons to a wild animal park in England and the park keepers were puzzled that the animals were completely unresponsive to commonly understood commands such as lunch. After much deliberation, the keepers discovered that the baboons only understood French and solved the issue with by adopting some basic French linguistics! Très bien!

About Paris

A global center for fashion, architecture and art, Paris boasts a picturesque cityscape and the renowned Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame cathedral landmarks. Shopping, dining and visiting museums are common pastimes for locals and tourists with their sophisticated pets in tow. With dogs widely welcome in hotels, boutiques, restaurants and on public transport, Paris is a popular international pet transport destination.


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    2.24 million
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