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All you need to know about living with a dog in Zurich

Switzerland evokes a picture of beautiful snow-capped alps and delicious Swiss chocolate. The country is also well-known for how pet-friendly it is; you can bring your pet dog with you on trains and buses, shops and restaurants, and many famous tourist attractions.

Zurich is not just a global finance and banking capital; the city is incredibly picturesque with beautiful waterfront promenades and lovely medieval architecture. Zurich is also great to live in and explore with your dog. The town is a walker’s delight, and your dog is welcome in most establishments around the city.

If you plan to move to Zurich with your doggy or visit the city on vacation, here’s all you need to know about living in Zurich with a dog.

Pet parent responsibilities in Zurich

Being a pet parent in Switzerland comes with a few responsibilities; you are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of your pet. A pet parent has to make sure their pet has access to veterinary care whenever necessary and lives in a clean, safe and hygienic home. As a pet parent in Zurich, here’s what you are expected to do:

  • Microchip your pet – All dogs must be microchipped and registered in the ANIS (Animal Identity Service) database.
  • Pay dog tax – Pet parents in Zurich must pay an annual dog tax to the canton or commune every year.
  • Get a pet passport – Visit the nearest vet and make sure to get a pet passport for your dog. The pet passport is your dog’s ID and has your dog’s vaccination records, microchip details, a photograph of your dog and your contact details.
  • Attend dog school – Some cantons in Switzerland have mandatory dog training classes for pet parents. These classes are a great resource on how to care for dogs and teach them basic commands.
  • Buy pet insurance – Many cantons in Switzerland insist that pet parents buy mandatory liability insurance for their doggies.
  • Pick up after your dog – In Zurich, your dog must be on a lead in public places, and you must always pick up after your dog. There are many green Robidog collection bins all over the city to dispose of dog waste.

Dogs on public transport in Zurich

Dogs are allowed on public transport in Zurich. You can take your dog on trains, buses and boats. Small dog breeds can travel for free as long as they are in a carrier or a basket. Bigger breeds need to pay a second-class half fare to ride the train.

You can take your dog all over Zurich by train, boat, Postbus or other public transport with a one-day travel pass for dogs. Alternately, you can buy a one-year pass for your dog if you take them out with you all the time. The good news: This pass is valid for all of Switzerland.

Pet-friendly housing in Zurich

There are numerous pet-friendly apartments for rent in Zurich. Before you move into your rental accommodation, it is a good idea to check if pets are allowed in the apartment and make sure it is mentioned in your rental agreement.

Zurich also has plenty of pet-friendly vacation homes and hotels. Some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Zurich are:

  • Park Hyatt Zurich
  • Townhouse Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel City
  • Dolder Grand Hotel
  • Statthotel

Best dog-friendly activities in Zurich

The best thing about living in Zurich with your pet doggy is the number of adventures you and your dog can go on. Since the city is incredibly pet-friendly, you don’t have to leave your dog alone at home while you explore Zurich. Here are some fun things to do with your dog in Zurich:

  • Go on a hike – Get away from the city and hit the trails with your dog.
  • Go shopping – Most shops in Zurich allow pets; some shops have lead hooks where you can leave your pet while shopping. Take your dog to the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich for a fun-filled day of shopping.
  • Go to a dog park – Zurich has several dog parks for your furry pal to run around and socialise with other dogs. The Allmend Bruneau is a great place to spend a fun afternoon with your dog in Zurich.
  • Try the Fondue Tram – What’s more fun than enjoying Zurich’s most famous sights with your dog over cheese and drinks?
  • Take a walking tour – Enjoy the sights of Zurich with a walking tour of the city with your favourite doggy.

International pet transport to Zurich

Pet transport to Zurich can be challenging, and it is recommended to partner with an experienced pet travel agency to help with the move. A pet travel agent can help schedule the best flight, make sure your pet has accurate documentation and ensure a safe and stress-free pet travel experience.

If you plan to bring your pet to Zurich, reach out to Petraveller for more information on pet import rules in Switzerland and a free pet travel quote.