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All you need to know about pet quarantine for international travel to Iceland

Pet quarantine is an important part of international pet travel and, perhaps, the most misunderstood aspect. When your pet dog or cat travels to a different country, they may be placed in a quarantine centre for a certain number of days before coming home to you. Pet quarantine is usually mandatory in countries with strict bio-security rules, such as Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, etc.

Iceland has mandatory quarantine for all pet dogs and cats flying into the country. If you are bringing your pet dog or cat to Iceland, here’s all you need to know about pet quarantine in the Nordic nation.

Why is pet quarantine necessary?

When a pet or any animal travels from one country to another, the pet might be host to disease-causing microorganisms that could spread unchecked if introduced into the destination country. During the quarantine, your pet will be placed in a quarantine facility and monitored for any signs of illness. The quarantine centre is similar to an animal boarding centre, where pets are housed separately.

The good news is that not all countries insist on quarantine, and even if your pet is flying to a country with mandatory quarantine, they will be cared for by professional staff. In some countries, you are also allowed to visit and exercise your pet at the facility.

Pet quarantine in Iceland

Pets travelling to Iceland have to stay in quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. There are two government approved quarantine centres in Iceland, and you must book your pet in one of the centres before travelling.

The quarantine stations accept pets only on pre-approved dates. Pets are admitted into the station only during three-day periods every month. After the three-day window is closed, your pet will not be accepted into the station. It is essential to time your pet’s travel according to these pre-approved dates that are available online.

Quarantine centres in Iceland

  • Einangrunarstöðin Reykjanesbæ – Located just 15 minutes away from Keflavik airport, this quarantine centre takes in both dogs and cats travelling to Iceland. The quarantine centre has a vet on call and CCTV in the station. Pet parents can call or email for information on how their pets are doing during their stay at the centre. Contact details: Tel.no. +354 421 6949 / +354 893 6949
  • Einangrunarstöðin Mósel – The facility is beautifully built to accommodate pet dogs and cats travelling into Iceland. The kennels are spacious and have televisions and calming music in every room. A team of trained professionals groom and care for the pets during quarantine. Contact details: Tel. no. +354 868 3360

International pet travel to Iceland

Bringing a pet dog or cat to Iceland is no longer a daunting task; the pet import rules are stringent but not impossible. However, all pet import criteria must be followed satisfactorily for your pet to fly into Iceland. An experienced pet travel agency can help with the relocation, so all pet import criteria are met, and your pet has a smooth and stress-free pet travel experience.

If you plan to travel to Iceland with your pet dog or cat, reach out to Petraveller for more information on zero-harm pet travel and a free pet travel quote.