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Quarantine rules for international pet travel to Denmark

Pet quarantine is an important aspect of international pet transport. Quarantine laws are in place to stop the introduction of exotic diseases into the country. It is a popular pet travel myth that all countries enforce a mandatory quarantine on pets upon entry. The truth is that pet quarantine rules differ from country to country and largely depend on the destination country’s bio-security laws and the origin country’s rabies status.

Your pet dog or cat does not need to quarantine upon arrival in Denmark if they fulfil the pet import criteria satisfactorily. If you are travelling to Denmark with your pet, here’s all you need to know about pet quarantine rules for international pet travel to the country.

Why is pet quarantine important?

Some animal diseases are found everywhere globally, but many others, like rabies, are present in a few countries only. When pets travel from one country to another, they have the potential to carry microorganisms and introduce diseases that were hitherto absent into the destination country. These diseases can then spread unchecked and cause untold harm, especially if it is highly contagious.

Pets are placed in a quarantine facility as soon as they enter the country, where they are inspected for any signs of disease and illness. When pets are quarantined upon arrival, the chances of introducing exotic diseases are considerably mitigated.

Pet quarantine in Denmark

Denmark does not have mandatory pet quarantine if your pet has fulfilled all pet import conditions accurately. For a pet dog or cat to travel to Denmark, they must follow these regulations:

Pets entering Denmark have to undergo health checks at Border Inspection Points, where competent officials will check if your pet is in good health and that all the accompanying documentation is in order. If the pet does not meet Denmark’s pet import criteria, the pet importer is subject to a fine and the authorities will resort to one of the following possibilities:

  • Your pet will be returned to the country of origin at your own expense. If your pet needs to travel through transit countries to reach the origin country, the pet importer has to make all pet travel arrangements in line with the pet import criteria of the origin country.
  • Your pet will be placed in quarantine or isolation until they meet all the required pet import conditions. During their time in quarantine, your pet might be subjected to various health tests to determine if they carry any communicable diseases. As the pet importer, the quarantine and the health tests will be at your expense.
  • As the very last resort, and only if it is impossible to return the pet to the country of origin or place the pet in quarantine, the pet dog or cat will be euthanised without financial compensation. It is always best to follow all pet import criteria to avoid drastic situations such as this.

International pet transport to Denmark

Your pet must fulfil all pet import specifications laid down by the European Union and the Danish authorities to travel to Denmark. The consequences of not following these regulations can be severe, and you can avoid such a situation by partnering with a competent pet travel agency

An experienced pet travel agent can help ensure your pet has had all mandatory tests and vaccinations and the correct documentation. If you are travelling to Denmark with your pet, contact Petraveller for more information on zero-harm pet travel and a free pet travel quote.