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Australian Veterinary Health Check

Preparing your pet dog or cat for export from Australia is a complex process, and partnering with an experienced pet travel agency can help make the process easier. The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) in Australia has set a few guidelines to help prepare your pet for export.

Every country has a set of import requirements to be fulfilled before a pet can travel to the country. These usually involve rabies and other vaccinations, health tests, treatments and other documentation. The vet will partner with your pet transport company to ensure your pet has received all vaccinations and treatments as required by the importing country. All pet cats and dogs leaving the country must undergo a veterinary health check from a registered vet before export.

The Australian veterinary health check is one such requirement before your pet is cleared for export. This inspection can be done only by an AQIS-approved vet, generally within two days of departure. Some countries require a shorter timeframe of 24 hours, so it is best to check country requirements before scheduling the consultation.

During the final veterinary health check, your vet will examine your pet for the following:

  • Signs of infectious or contagious disease
  • Internal parasites
  • External parasites like ticks and fleas
  • Any other diseases as required by the importing country

The vet will also check that your pet is healthy and fit for air travel. During this final veterinary examination, the vet will check that your pet has fulfilled all import conditions laid out by the country of import.

After the final veterinary health check, your vet will complete and certify the pre-export health and welfare declaration form. Some countries also require a health certificate. Your vet will complete the health certificate in the correct format and certify it before your pet travels.

After the veterinary health check and the export documentation are ready, your pet transport partner will submit the required forms to the DAFF regional office in your state or territory.

International pet transport specialists

Travelling with your pet to another country is a complicated and lengthy process. An experienced pet travel agent can help simplify it for you. Your pet’s travel can be successful only when all the import conditions are met satisfactorily.

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