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Best pet boarding in Toronto

Toronto loves its pets; the city is home to a large number of pampered cats and dogs. Pets in Toronto have plenty of activities to look forward to – hiking, outdoor trails, shopping with their pet parents, visiting a pet-friendly café or restaurant – there’s something for every pet here. And if you have to travel outside the city, you can board your pet in any of these excellent pet boarding facilities in Toronto.

The city of Toronto has so many options for pet boarding; make sure you choose the best fit for your pet. Some pets prefer cage-less boarding, while others are comfortable with the orderly routines in kennels, some pets like home boarding and a few pets favour house-sitting over boarding facilities. Toronto has a variety of pet boarding centres, and you can easily find options to suit even the pickiest of pets.

Before choosing a boarding centre for your pet, make sure you visit the facility before the date of boarding. Many facilities offer a complimentary trial day to see if your pet is comfortable. Make sure the facility is clean and hygienic, and the employees are friendly and knowledgeable. Check if the boarding facility insists on mandatory vaccinations and external parasite treatments. Many pet centres offer live video access to the pet parent; this is an excellent option for anxious pet parents.

If you are in Toronto and are looking for the best place to board your pets while you are away, here are some options to consider:


Petopia doggie daycare and resort offers cage-free boarding to the dogs of Toronto. All dogs have to pass a temperament evaluation before boarding at Petopia. Your doggy will have the time of their lives at Petopia where they can play and run around with other dogs in the indoor playrooms and the outdoor park. The facility is supervised 24 hours a day, and the employees are friendly and make sure they shower your pet with the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Petopia has cosy suites with contemporary furniture and audio-video entertainment. Your pooch can relax with their doggy friends and catch a movie or two while you are away. Pet parents get daily email and phone updates of their precious pets.

Petopia also offers doggy daycare, training, pet playgroups and special puppy socialisation playgroups.

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa

The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa is a luxury five-star pet hotel that takes in cats and dogs of Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. The dog suites are like luxury hotel rooms for dogs with comfortable raised bedding and a grassed outdoor porch for exclusive use. The rooms climate-controlled and cleaned every day. The whole hotel has calm music playing in every room to soothe the pets. Every room has an individual patio that is protected from the snow, so your pup can enjoy the grass all year long.

Dogs are exercised on well-maintained trails in the 30-acre property and allowed to play with other doggie guests in one of the seven fenced-in play areas.

The cat hotel is set in a separate building away from the dog hotel. The cat hotel has comfortable cage-free home-like enclosures for all cats. Your precious kitty has access to lush gardens with plenty of colourful birds to watch. Every cat suite is climate-controlled with a heated window seat bed and multiple height sleeping options for your adventurous kitty. The suites are cleaned every day, and there’s calming music playing in all the rooms.

Every room in the cat suite connects to individual outside play areas, and all cat guests are encouraged to explore the premises if they so wish.

Paws Playgrounds

Paws Playgrounds was started by two pet parents who wanted a fun and reliable pet boarding service for their dog while they worked. Paws Playgrounds is not a premier dog boarding and daycare facility with multiple playgrounds and dedicated staff.

The dog boarding suite has comfortable sofas and orthopaedic beds. The suites are climate-controlled with access to an indoor play area for fun and socialising with other doggie guests. During the day, your dog will run about and play on the agility equipment, splash in the pool, climb on the jungle gym and relax on the sofa with their new doggie pals. The facility is fully-secured and continuously supervised.

Paws Playgrounds provides in-house cat sitting for cats in the downtown Toronto area. Experienced cat sitters will come to your home and look after your cat for you. They will feed and play with your cat, change the litter box and provide the same love and warmth as you would. The pet sitters are fully-insured and bonded.


Pawshake is an online community of experienced cat and dog sitters. Every pet sitter on the website is highly reliable and vetted by the company. Pet parents choose a pet sitter in their neighbourhood to take care of their pet when they are out of town. Your pet will live in the pet sitter’s home and follow the same schedule they are accustomed to. It is an excellent option for pet parents vary of huge pet boarding facilities and for timid and shy pets who do not prefer to be around other pets all time.

Pet travel to Toronto? Contact the pet travel specialists

International pet travel to Toronto can be confusing for pet parents in the middle of an international move. If you are planning to travel to Toronto with your pet, reach out to the team at Petraveller for more information on pet import regulations in Canada and a detailed pet travel itinerary.