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Quarantine rules for international pet travel to Canada

Some countries have successfully eradicated dangerous zoonotic diseases such as rabies, while it is still rampant in other countries. Since pet dogs and cats carry pathogens that can cause several diseases, they pose a serious biosecurity threat during international travel. Pet animals are quarantined for a specific duration of time to ensure they are healthy and free from disease when they enter the country. The quarantine helps curb the spread of and the introduction of exotic animal diseases in the country. 

If you are planning international travel with your pet dog or cat, checking up on the destination country’s quarantine regulations can help you plan your trip better. If you and your pet are travelling to Canada, here’s all you need to know about quarantine rules for pets flying to the country.

Pet import regulations in Canada

Travelling to Canada with a pet dog or cat is possible only if all pet import regulations are successfully met. Canada has two types of pet import – personal and commercial.

Only pets travelling to Canada on a commercial permit need to be microchipped. Pet microchipping is an excellent practice and is an invaluable resource to trace lost or stolen pets. Make sure your pet has all their vaccinations before travelling to Canada. All pets must be vaccinated against rabies and need a rabies certificate from an authorised vet attesting the vaccinations. European pet passports are also accepted in Canada.

Pet dogs and cats travelling to Canada do not need a rabies titre test to enter. Your pet also does not have to wait for 21 days after the rabies vaccination to fly to Canada.

Pet quarantine in Canada

When your pet dog or cat enters Canada, officials from the Canadian Border Services Agency will inspect your pet at the airport. The officer will examine your pet dog or cat for visible signs of disease or illness. The officer will also check if your pet’s documentation is in order and if your pet has received their rabies vaccination before travelling.

If your pet has in good health and has complied with all pet import requirements, there is no mandatory quarantine for your pet. However, if your pet does not fulfil all pet import criteria, they may not be allowed to enter the country.

International pet travel to Canada? Call the pet travel specialists

International pet travel to a foreign country is challenging because the consequences of not adhering to the pet import rules can be distressing. Government officials are known to either return pets to the country of origin or impose extended quarantine at your expense on such pets. An experienced pet travel agency can help avoid such pitfalls and make sure your pet travels to their new home safely and without harm.

If you are travelling to Canada with your pet dog or cat, reach out to the team at Petraveller for more information on handling pet quarantine during international travel and a free pet travel quote.