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Best pet boarding in Vancouver, Canada

Having a pet in your life has many perks – the constant companionship, the affection, and the unconditional love. Your pet dog or cat is a huge part of your life, and you always want the best for them. For the times that you need to travel out of town and cannot take them along, leaving them behind in comfortable pet boarding centres is very important.

An excellent pet boarding facility is hygienic and has well-informed and friendly employees. They must treat your pet as their own and have regulations such as mandatory vaccinations and ectoparasite treatments to keep all the pets healthy and free from diseases. Make sure you visit the facility before boarding your pet. If the facility is a cage-free centre, take your pet for a trial day before booking your pet.

If you are in Vancouver, and looking for a place to board your pet dog or cat when you are travelling, here are some of the best pet boarding facilities in the city:

Release the Hounds

Release the Hounds is one of Vancouver’s best-loved dog walking companies. Here, dogs are considered precious family members and given the best love and care. Release the Hounds offers dog boarding services that mirror their dog-walking principles of providing the best care in a family-like environment.

One of the most recommended and reviewed dog companies in Vancouver, Release the Hounds has experienced and trained employee to care for your dogs. All employees are trained to handle emergencies and have a genuine love for pets.

Release the Hounds has two different programs – boarding and house sitting at your house. If you opt for dog boarding, trained professionals from Release the Hounds will bring your pet dog into their home and will give your pet the same love and attention they expect from a family member. Food and exercise will be according to their usual schedule.

Pet sitting in your own house is for shy dogs or dogs with behavioural issues who need the sense of security and routine that being at home brings. Experienced pet-sitters from Release the Hounds will keep your doggies company till you are back. They are also happy to perform domestic chores like watering the plants and bringing in the mail for you.

Rex Dog Hotel

Rex Dog Hotel offers your dog 24-hour supervised care at their custom-built boutique hotel for dogs. A family-owned business, the Rex Dog Hotel is a luxury option for your pampered pet. The hotel also offers daycare services and has a well-equipped dog spa for your pet doggy to luxuriate in. The Dog Hotel has dog toy equipment with tunnels and ramps for your dog to play and socialise with other pets.

The best feature of the Rex Dog Hotel is its beautiful and fun waterpark where dogs can enjoy the water ball launchers, geysers and much more. You can choose between the shared sleeping lounge or a private sleeping suite for your dog. The hotel follows an open concept plan and accepts only well-socialised dogs. You will have to bring your dog for a trial day at the daycare before you leave them there for overnight boarding.

Cat Utopia

Cat Utopia is a luxurious family-run boarding facility dedicated to the comfort and well-being of all cat guests. The cat hotel has 34 bright and spacious rooms with natural light and heating. Your cats have a beautiful aquarium and on-site bird feeders for entertainment.

The hotel has impressive safety and security features – the entire premises is monitored and has security alarms. Cat guests at Cat Utopia have access to private outside runs and common areas for playtime with other cat friends.

Ruff Stuff

Ruff Stuff offers doggy daycare, dog walking and dog boarding services for dogs in and around Vancouver and Squamish. The Ruff Stuff Retreat is a fenced-in one-acre property where dogs have plenty of outdoor space to be themselves. They can run, play, dig, chase balls, play on the agility equipment and more at the Ruff Stuff Retreat; the perfect paradise for all dogs!

The facility is heated during winter and cooled during summers. Dogs have comfortable couches, dog beds and crates to lounge around or sleep on. The entire facility is cleaned and sanitised every day, and the bedding is washed regularly. At Ruff Stuff, every dog gets tons of attention, cuddles, belly rubs and lots of love.


Pawshake connects pet parents with pet sitters in their neighbourhood. The pet sitters are pre-vetted, reliable and come highly recommended. Create a Pawshake account and look for pet-sitters closest to you. Your pet dog or cat will live in a loving, friendly home in your neighbourhood while you are away. Pet-sitters send daily photo and video updates and make sure to follow the schedule your pet is accustomed to.

If you are looking for a home environment for your pet, a place where there aren’t too many dogs and cats clamouring for attention, Pawshake is an excellent option for you. With so many trusted pet-sitters listed on the site, your pup is truly spoilt for choice.  

Travelling to Vancouver with your pet? Call the international pet transport specialists

Vancouver, Canada is a beautiful place to live and raise pets. The pet-friendly city has plenty of activities and facilities for your pet. If you are planning to travel to Vancouver with your pet, get in touch with the pet travel experts at Petraveller to help you with information on pet import regulations in Canada and a detailed pet travel itinerary.