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Best pet boarding services in Christchurch

New Zealand is extremely pet-friendly, and Christchurch has a large number of pet parents. The fresh air and wide open spaces in Christchurch make it a fantastic place to own a pet. There are several pet boarding services that take in cats and dogs if you are travelling out of Christchurch on work or leisure.

During such times, it is best to leave your pet behind in the care of professional pet care professionals. If you live in Christchurch and are looking for good pet boarding services for your pet, we have compiled a list of the best boarding facilities.

School of the Naked Dog

School of the Naked Dog trains dogs using positive reinforcement and other humane methods. The school also cares for dogs while their pet parents are away. You don’t have to be a client for your dog to stay here, but it certainly helps.

At Naked Dog, doggy boarders stay with the facilitators at their home. Your doggy is not just assured of a safe, loving place, he or she will come back calmer and more social with other dogs. Doggy guests at Naked Dogs become part of the family while they board and accompany the family on all daily activities.

The homestay is located close to many parks, and the dogs get enough exercise. Staying at Naked Dog is almost like living at home, with the same love and atmosphere. Rates at Naked Dog start at NZD 30 for client dogs and NZD 35 for others.


Some pet parents prefer leaving their fur babies in the care of pet lovers, rather than a kennel or boarding centre with many other dogs. If you are such a pet parent, Pawshake is your best bet. Pawshake is a website that lists thousands of pet care professionals all over the country. Search for the best pet sitter in your area, read real customer reviews, meet the pet sitter and when you find the right fit, you can leave your pet in their care.

Pawshake is transparent and pre-screens all the pet care professionals on the app, thus assuring you of the best service. Your pet gets personalised attention, and better still does not have to go to an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. You can hand over your pet’s favourite food, bedding, and treats to the pet sitter for more comfort.

With Pawshake, you are assured that your pet is in loving animal-friendly hands. You will receive constant updates from the pet host, and your dog or cat does not have to stay in kennels or cages. The rates at Pawshake differ from sitter to sitter based on their experience and expertise.

Alameda Kennels and Cattery

At Alameda Kennels and Cattery, your pet dog or cat is sure to have a great holiday while you are travelling. The luxury motel for pets provides a safe, caring and comfortable environment for your cat or dog. Alameda has experienced employees and pet groomers available on site. They also offer grooming services, pet daycare and dog walking services.

The dog kennel has both indoor rooms and sheltered outdoor rooms, depending on your pet’s preference. Dogs are fed and exercised regularly in the large outdoor play area. You can bring your dog’s bedding or use the one at the resort.

The cattery at Alameda is beautiful and tranquil; there is gentle music playing throughout, and the lovely garden view is extremely relaxing for your cats. Each cat pen has a chair with a cosy blanket and a separate sleeping area. Alameda has a large variety of cat food to please even the pickiest eater.

Boarding your cat at Alameda starts at NZD 14 per day. Boarding rates for small dogs start at NZD 22 in the indoor kennels to NZD 29 for large dogs. Rates for the fully sheltered outdoor kennel start at NZD 21 for medium dogs to NZD 24 for large dogs.

Country Paws Boarding Kennels and Cattery

A family owned and operated retreat for pets, Country Paws is perfect for social pets looking to enjoy their own vacation when you are away. Dogs at Country Paws stay in spacious indoor units that are temperature controlled. You can also choose to house your dog in covered outdoor units. The dogs are separated according to size and temperament and exercised frequently through the day. Country Paws has 18 outdoor yards for socialisation and exercise.

The cattery at Country Paws is a self-contained multi-level apartment where each cat gets a cabin with bedding, a litter tray, and a bottomless bowl of food. The cattery is temperature controlled, and the cats are encouraged to venture out and socialise with other cats.

Rates for dogs at Country Paws start at NZD 26 for small dogs going up to NZD 30 for large dogs per night. Single cat rates are at NZD 14 per night, and increases depending on the number of cats you want to board.

The right choice

Before zeroing on a pet boarding centre for your cat or dog, it is best to visit the facility and evaluate the place. Many facilities offer a trial stay to see if your pet is comfortable at the centre and gets along with the other pet boarders. A good boarding facility will be clean and hygienic, with spacious rooms for the pets. Check if the employees are friendly and well-trained to handle pet emergencies.

Most pet boarding centres insist on mandatory vaccinations and external parasite treatments for the pet. It is better for your pet to board at such places where all the other pets are vaccinated to minimise risk of infectious disease.

If you are planning to relocate to Christchurch with your pet dog or cat, contact Petraveller for a detailed pet relocation itinerary.