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Best pet boarding services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has several pet boarding services where you can leave your pet dog or cat when you need to travel. Most pet boarding services have trained staff and pet-friendly facilities that will have your pet feeling at home immediately. Hong Kong has boarding facilities of all types – from ultra-luxury pet resorts to friendly neighbourhood pet sitters.

While choosing an animal boarding centre for your cat or dog, check if the facility is clean, hygienic and well-maintained. Dogs must have an open area for exercise and cats should have plenty of scratch posts and toys. The employees should be friendly and well-informed, and the centre should insist on mandatory vaccinations and external parasite treatments. Take your time and choose the best boarding service for your pet; the right service is extremely important in managing your pet’s stress and separation anxieties.

Kennel van Dego

Kennel van Dego is one of Hong Kong’s largest boarding facilities, spread over an area of 60,000 square feet. The boarding centre takes in both cats and dogs and is clean and well-maintained. There are a separate exercise area and outdoor area for play and socialisation.

The dog kennels are spacious, and you can choose from the different suites depending on the size of your dog and your budgetary preference. The different suites available are: Indoor small dog chalet, economy kennels, Mark 6, Mix chalet, VIP rooms, and a Garden cottage dog motel. There are 11 fenced exercise areas where your pet can run around and play with the other dogs. You can book optional services such as evening walk service, training, photos, and play time service separately for your dog. Prices start at HKD 180 for small dogs and can go up to HKD 380 for large dogs depending upon the suite you choose.

Kennel van Dego has two indoor air-conditioned catteries for your cat with an exercise area. In the Cozy Cattery, cats have access to the window. The Bird Watching Cattery leads to a secure balcony where the cats can watch all the activities of the kennel and the birds on the tree that overlooks the kennel. Prices start HKD 100 per night.

Dog Cheers

Dog Cheers has comfortable and spacious rooms for dogs in its well-appointed and modern facility in Chai Wan in Hong Kong. The facility has nine stylish rooms and a spacious outdoor terrace for exercise. The rooms are spacious and contemporary, with all the amenities your doggie could ever need. There is a spa on site where your pooches can be pampered.

Dog Cheers brings the pet-loving community of Hong Kong together by organising events such as monthly workshops, pet adoption drives, etc. The outdoor terrace can also be rented out for private parties. Prices start at HKD 485 per night.

The Grand Dogaroo Hotel

The Dogaroo Hotel is a luxury boarding facility for dogs close to Mong Kok East railway station in Hong Kong. The entire facility has been designed with the comfort of your dog in mind. From the air-conditioning systems to the interior design, everything speaks comfort and hygiene at the Dogaroo Hotel. Founded by Mr Eric Ko, who has numerous years of experience in dog training and the host of several TV shows, The Dogaroo Hotel is the perfect home-away-from-home for your pooch. Special services at this facility include puppy training, dog grooming, swimming, and obedience training.


Not all pet parents prefer to leave their pet at boarding facilities; some quiet pets prefer a more home-like atmosphere over a bustling kennel or cattery. Pawshake is an excellent option for pet parents who are looking for a home in their neighbourhood for their pets. Pawshake is a website/app that connects you with pet-loving hosts in your neighbourhood who will host your dog or cat when you are away. They will follow the same schedule that your dog or cat follows at home, feed the same food and take him or her for a walk in the same neighbourhood.

All pet hosts at Pawshake are thoroughly vetted and fully insured. They will send you a daily picture and video updates of your pet, and there are hundreds of reviews and recommendations on the website to help you decide on the right host.

Petworld Resort

Petworld Resort is a spacious boarding facility for dogs in Hong Kong where every dog is given attention and affection, all the time. The centre has large outdoor, grassy yards to play around and exercise. The swimming pool is a great place to play with other dogs and exercise at the same time. There is a group physical activity session which focusses on exercise and stimulation, especially for young and high-energy dogs.

There are different room types for your pampered dogs – Penthouse for family dogs, Premier Suite, Superior room, and Deluxe room plus. Each suite is climate-controlled with warm bedding for each doggie guest. Prices start HKD 300 a day.

Summing up…

Pet boarding is an essential service and choosing a facility that is comfortable for your pet is crucial. Remember to visit the kennel and check kennel rules before booking. Many dog and cat boarding services take in only neutered and fully vaccinated pets.

If you are travelling to Hong Kong with your pet, reach out to our team for a comprehensive travel plan.