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Hong Kong

International pet travel to Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic

International pet travel during COVID-19 is complicated because of the unpredictability of regulations and flight availability. If your pet is travelling to Hong Kong, here’s what you need to know

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All you need to know about the pet vaccination schedule for Hong Kong

You have to follow the right schedule of vaccinations as mandated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to bring your pet dog or cat to Hong Kong.

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Understanding pet quarantine rules in Hong Kong

If you are planning to move to Hong Kong with your pet dog or cat, it is imperative to understand the country’s quarantine rules before planning your travel. The number of days your pet dog or cat has to remain in quarantine depends on the country your pet is flying from.

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Banned cat and dog breeds in Hong Kong

Many countries around the world have banned the entry of certain dangerous breeds. If you are planning to relocate to Hong Kong with your pet dog or cat, it is important that your pet fulfils all pet import criteria and most importantly, is not the on banned or prohibited breeds list.

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Bringing your pet to Hong Kong: Pet import rules and regulations

Hong Kong is a rabies-free country and therefore has complex pet import rules. If you are travelling to Hong Kong with your pet, there are several pet import regulations you must follow. It is essential you meet all the requirements to be able to bring your dog or cat into the country.

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Best pet boarding services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has several pet boarding services where you can leave your pet dog or cat when you need to travel. Most pet boarding services have trained staff and pet-friendly facilities that will have your pet feeling at home immediately.

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Living in Hong Kong with your dog: Your guide to pet registration and more

Hong Kong may be known for stringent pet ownership and import laws, but the city is an exciting place for dogs to live. Pet parents have responsibilities including registration, however there is several pet-friendly housing options and pet friendly parks and cafes.

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