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International pet travel to Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in all countries across the world. A truly global epidemic, COVID-19 has thrown international travel for both people and pets into disarray as numerous countries have closed international and state borders.

Pet travel during COVID-19 has become more complicated than before because of the unpredictability around changing government regulations and flight availability. After a brief shut down, many carriers have now begun to fly pets and people on international routes, though at substantially reduced capacities.

If you are looking to fly to Hong Kong with your pet cat or dog during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s what you need to know before making travel plans:

Pet travel from Australia to Hong Kong

Pet dogs and cats travelling from Australia can fly on the Qantas freighter QF 7525 from Sydney to Hong Kong on Wednesdays and Fridays. Pet import regulations to Hong Kong have not changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic; your pet will have to fulfil all import requirements satisfactorily to be able to enter the country.

Make sure all vaccinations are current, and your pet has an ISO-compliant microchip before travel.

Departure from Australia

Petraveller Pet Concierges will practice all necessary social distancing precautions while picking up your pet for departure and will wait outside your premises for you to bring your pet out during collection.

Your pet will travel to the airport inside their pet travel crate in a spacious, climate-controlled vehicle. All safety precautions will be observed by Petraveller to ensure your pet is checked in at our Pet Hotel for a night of rest and then has safely boarded the aircraft and is comfortable in their travel crate the following day.

Pet arrival in Hong Kong

Petraveller offers door-to-door services for our customers flying to Hong Kong. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, our partner company Concierges will pick your pet after customs clearance and deliver them safely to your residence. Pet parents are not required to be present for customs clearance in Hong Kong.

International pet travel to Hong Kong? Contact the pet transport experts

The COVID-19 pandemic has upset international travel all around the world. The rising ambiguity about government guidelines and reduced flight routes are adding to the chaos of international pet travel during the coronavirus crisis.

If you are planning to travel to Hong Kong with your pet cat or dog, an accredited and experienced pet travel agency is best placed to help you with the relocation. Get in touch with Petraveller for more information on pet transport during COVID-19 and a detailed pet travel itinerary.