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Living with a dog in Manchester: All you need to know

17 May 2022

The historic city of Manchester has so much to offer for a pet parent. The city is full of dog-friendly places and attractions – whether you are looking for a dog-friendly restaurant or café, a beautiful pet-friendly garden or a hiking trail – Manchester has something for everybody.

If you plan to move to Manchester with your doggy, here is the Petraveller guide to living with a dog in Manchester city.

Pet parent responsibilities in Manchester

With Manchester’s numerous dog-friendly places and activities, dog owners have much to look forward to while getting to know the city with their dogs. Pet owners in Manchester must follow specific rules to ensure their dog is well-cared for. Here are some pet parent responsibilities for dog owners in Manchester:

  • Pet vaccinations – Your dog’s vaccinations must be current at all times. Pet vaccinations protect your dog against diseases and help curb the spread of these life-threatening diseases among other animals. Your vet will help you ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Microchip – Be sure to microchip your dog; microchipped pets are easier to trace if lost or stolen. Your local vet will implant the microchip under the skin between your dog’s shoulders. Remember to update your contact information in the registry, as required.
  • Control your dog in public places – Manchester has several laws related to dogs in public places. According to the Public Spaces Protection Orders, dogs are not allowed in exclusion zones such as cemeteries, sports facilities, children’s play areas and other specified areas. Your dog must be on a lead on all roads, alleyways and pavements. Dogs are allowed to roam off-lead only parks and gardens where there are no specific restrictions in place. Remember to always pick up after your dog.

Dog-friendly parks in Manchester

The Greater Manchester area has more than 200 dog-friendly parks and gardens to wander around with your pet dog. Some of the best parks in Manchester are:

  • Dove Stone Reservoir
  • Whitworth Park
  • Heaton Park
  • Clayton Vale
  • Clifton Country Park
  • Platt Fields Park
  • Delamere Park
  • David Lewis Recreation Ground
  • Bellott Street Park

Dog-friendly restaurants and cafés in Manchester

Whether it is for a cup of coffee or dinner with your dog, Manchester has a lot to offer. Here are some absolute favourite restaurants that you must visit with your dog:

  • Federal Café & Bar
  • Ezra & Gil
  • Koffee Pot
  • Cottonopolis
  • The Refuge
  • The Wharf
  • Brewdog
  • Common
  • North Tea Power
  • 19 Café Bar

Dog-friendly activities in Manchester

Manchester is an exciting place to be a pet parent. The historic city has so much to offer in food, culture, sports, music and history. As a pet parent, you and your dog can go on several adventures as you explore this beautiful city together. Here are some fun activities to try with your dog in Manchester:

  • Go on a doggy date night – Manchester has a fantastic food scene; treat yourself and your pet dog at one of the many dog-friendly restaurants in the city.
  • Go shopping – Many of Manchester’s shopping areas are pet friendly, including Afflecks, the first fully dog-friendly shopping centre in the United Kingdom. Also visit Porter + Cole, a lifestyle store with a coffee lounge and a bar, named after the owners’ dogs.  
  • Take your dog for a swim – If your dog loves being in the water, K9 Swim, North England’s largest hydrotherapy pool, is the place to be.
  • Go bowling – Have an enjoyable evening with your friends and dog at Dog Bowl, a doggie-friendly bowling alley in Manchester.

International pet transport to Manchester

Pets travelling to Manchester must fulfil all pet import conditions before flying. Your pet must be vaccinated, microchipped and must undergo several health tests before they can fly to Manchester. Pet import rules are not always easy to understand since different countries have different laws. Also, every rule must be followed accurately and in time for your pet to be able to enter the country. Partnering with a pet travel agency can help reduce the stress of the planning and ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable pet travel experience.

If you plan to move to Manchester from Australia with your pet dog or cat, reach out to Petraveller for more information on international pet travel to the United Kingdom and a free pet travel quote.