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Qantas to resume international routes from Australia

Australia’s national carrier Qantas will restart flights to some of its most popular destinations in December 2021. The airline will also add new overseas routes early next year as more and more countries open up after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Qantas will resume international flights to Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore as early as December 2021 and other destinations next year. The airline is looking to rebuild its international network after the Covid-19 pandemic curtailed its operations drastically. Australia’s international borders are poised to open as soon as the country’s national vaccination rate reaches the 80% mark. Qantas will initially open up routes to countries with the same vaccination level as Australia before opening to other countries.

Covid-19 safety measures

With international borders opening worldwide, Australia is exploring the options of quarantine-free travel bubbles between countries similar to the bubble with New Zealand. The government is also considering the possibility of home isolation on arrival instead of the very expensive hotel quarantine.

Qantas says that all government recommended Covid safety guidelines will be in place to ensure safe operations. Passengers are required to be fully vaccinated and must take Covid tests before travelling. The airline will also introduce a smartphone app where passengers can store their vaccination and Covid test details for easy retrieval.

International routes

Qantas will resume the following international routes in December 2021, mainly on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, ahead of the holiday season:

  • Sydney to London (December 18, daily)
  • Melbourne to London (December 18)
  • Sydney to Los Angeles (December 18, daily)
  • Sydney to Vancouver (December 18, three flights a week)
  • Sydney to Singapore (December 18, daily)
  • Melbourne to Singapore (December 18, four flights a week)
  • Melbourne to Los Angeles (December 19, four flights a week)
  • Brisbane to Los Angeles (December 19, three flights a week)
  • Brisbane to Singapore (December 19, three flights a week)
  • Sydney to Tokyo (December 19, four flights a week)
  • Sydney to Fiji (December 19, four flights a week)
  • Sydney to Honolulu (December 20, four flights a week)

The airline is planning to fly to more international destinations in 2022:

  • Brisbane to Noumea (January 8, one flight a week)
  • Sydney to Hong Kong (February 14, four flights a week)
  • Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth (February 14, five flights a week)
  • Brisbane to San Francisco (February 14, three flights a week)
  • Melbourne to Hong Kong (February 15, three flights a week)
  • Melbourne to Tokyo (February 15, three flights a week)
  • Sydney to San Francisco (February 16, three flights a week)

Qantas will add more international routes in April 2022 to destinations such as Bali, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Phuket and Johannesburg. Qantas flights between Australia and New Zealand are expected to resume mid-December, assuming the two-way travel bubble will restart.

International pet travel during Covid

Pets can continue to travel to international destinations from Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and travel ban. Though flight availabilities are impacted due to limited airline capacities, international pet transport is possible from Australia to different destinations worldwide.

An accredited international pet transport company can help pet parents navigate the constantly changing regulations and limited flight availabilities and ensure your pet has a smooth and stress-free relocation experience. If you are travelling from Australia with your pet, reach out to Petraveller for more information on international pet transport and a free pet travel quote