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Quarantine rules for international pet travel to Italy

Italy is considered one of the most pet-friendly countries in all of Europe. It is estimated that there are approximately 11.6 million dogs in the country, which translates to a dog for every five residents. Italy is a popular tourist and business destination, and every year, hundreds of pet dogs and cats travel to the country.

Pets are welcomed everywhere in Italy – from shops to restaurants and tourist spots to public transport. Pets are an integral part of the Italian culture, and you’ll see pet dogs and cats in most public places in the country. Whether you are travelling to Italy on vacation or moving to the country with your pet, here’s what you need to know about pet quarantine in Italy.

Why are pet quarantines necessary?

When pet dogs and cats travel from one country to another, they need to follow specific pet import regulations to enter the country. They must be fully vaccinated against several canine and feline diseases and undergo treatment for internal and external parasites. These rules are in place to stop the spread of animal diseases from one country to another.

Pet quarantines are in place to monitor the pet for any illness or disease before letting the pet enter the country. It helps to check the introduction of exotic diseases that could potentially harm the country’s flora and fauna.

However, not all countries have mandatory pet quarantine; countries with strict biosecurity laws, such as Australia and New Zealand, have compulsory quarantine of pets, depending on where they are flying in from. Other countries insist on pet quarantine upon entry only if all pet import regulations are not fulfilled satisfactorily.

Pet quarantine rules in Italy

Pet dogs and cats travelling to Italy must follow all pet import rules. All pets flying to Italy must be microchipped and vaccinated. The rabies vaccination must be administered at least 21 days before the travel date if your pet is travelling from an EU country or a third country with a low incidence of rabies.

If your pet is flying in from an unlisted country, they will need a rabies titre test (RNATT) 30 days after the rabies vaccination. Pets have to wait three months from the test date if the titre test result is favourable before entering Italy.

All vaccination details must be recorded in the pet passport or the health certificate along with your pet’s microchip number. If your pet fulfils all the above pet import regulations satisfactorily, they will not be expected to undergo quarantine upon entry into Italy. Pets failing to comply with the rules will be placed in quarantine or sent back to the country of origin.

International pet transport to Italy? Call the experts

An accredited pet transport company can help simplify international pet transport to Italy. An IPATA-member pet travel agency can assist you during the pet transport and make sure your beloved dog or cat reaches Italy safely and with zero stress for all involved.

If you plan to travel to Italy with your pet dog or cat, reach out to Petraveller for more information on handling quarantine and a free pet travel quote.