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The Petraveller guide to living in Singapore with a dog

Singapore is a dog-friendly city, and there is so much to do with your pooch in the city. The city has lots of open spaces to take your dog out walking, a variety of pet-friendly activities, and plenty of dog-friendly cafés and restaurants. If you are a pet parent looking to move to Singapore soon, here’s what you need to know about living with a dog in Singapore.

Rules and regulations

As a dog parent in Singapore, there are several rules that you need to follow. Every dog above the age of three months should be licensed for rabies control from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore. This license is valid for one year and has to be renewed annually. You will need to implant a microchip before getting the license. If there is a change in ownership, change of address, or if your pet is lost or has passed away, you must inform AVA immediately.

It is mandatory for your dog should be up-to-date with his or her vaccinations. When you take your dog out in public, it is compulsory to keep him on lead. Singapore has limits for the number of pets you can own – a maximum of three dogs per home. If you want to own more than three dogs, you will need permission from the Director General of AVA. It is a pet parent’s responsibility to make sure that the pet is secure at home and adequately confined. It is your responsibility to make sure your pet does not stray out of your premises and cause harm.

Certain breeds such as German Sheppard, Rottweiler, Bull Terrier, etc. are on the restricted list in Singapore. These breeds need to be muzzled and leashed all the time in public. The rules mandate that these dogs should receive obedience training from an AVA-certified trainer. Only one dog per house is allowed for restricted breeds.

As a pet parent, you will be expected to clean up after your doggie and keep him restrained in public places. There are fines for dogs that attack people and cause trouble by damaging trees, plants and fences. Singapore has set minimum standards for pet welfare, and all pet owners are expected to abide by these standards.


Singapore has many options for pet-friendly accommodation. If you are looking for accommodation in a Housing Board flat, keep in mind that you are allowed only one dog of a small breed per apartment. If you own a large breed or more than one dog, look for private property to rent.

Bishan Point is a very popular locality among pet-owners, and there are several dog-friendly condominiums available on rent.

Dog-friendly activities

Singaporeans love their dogs, and it shows in the number of activities that you can do with your pooch. Some exciting dog-friendly in Singapore are listed here:

  • Pet cruise: Singapore Pet Cruise organises boat cruises for you and your pooch. If your pet loves the cool, blue sea, hop onto a boat and enjoy the sea breeze with your dog. It is a two-hour cruise with a break in between for a swim or a good run around on an island. The boat is equipped with doggie life jackets and a cleaning station.
  • Stand-up paddleboarding at Sentosa: Try Stand-up paddleboarding with your pooch at the dog-friendly Tanjong Beach. The Stand Up Paddling School on Tanjong beach has paddleboarding classes for beginners. Rent a paddle board at the school and have a fun time playing in the water with your dog.
  • Dog Yoga: Singapore’s newest trend is Dog Yoga, where you can bring your pooch to your yoga class. Dog Yoga at Pawfully Fit creates a unique bonding experience between you and your doggie. The yoga session incorporates stretches, meditation, dog massage and dog training to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Dog-friendly parks

Singapore has plenty of public parks where you can take your doggie for a walk or run. Some parks are off-lead for small dogs, though large dogs have to be on a lead at all times.

  • Labrador Nature Reserve is a lovely green expanse for your dog to run around and explore. It has magnificent sea views and tall grass for your doggie to run around.
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens allows pets as long as they are on lead. The Garden has plenty of green spaces and hilly spots to explore.
  • Bishan Park has an enclosed dog run that is very popular with pet parents in Singapore. Larger dogs have a different fenced-in run, and it’s a great place for dogs to play together and socialise. Water to drink and clean is available at the park.
  • West Coast Park has a dog run that is open to the public. It is spacious and green and has wide open areas to play with your pooch. There are benches for you to relax on and a dog wash kiosk to wash up after play.
Singapore is an excellent city to raise a fur baby and has much to offer for a pet parent, be it activities, dog parks, boarding services, or dog-friendly restaurants. If you are planning to move to Singapore with your dog or cat, contact Petraveller for a comprehensive pet travel plan.