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Best pet boarding services in Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer for pet parents looking for boarding services for their dogs and cats. If you are travelling on work or for a family vacation, and you can’t take your pet with you, there are many fantastic pet boarding services for cats and dogs in Singapore.

When you choose a boarding facility for your dog or cat, there are several things to factor in. The centre has to be hygienic and well-maintained, the employees should be friendly and knowledgeable and the facility must insist on mandatory vaccinations and treatment for external parasites; you don’t want you cat or dog to come back sick from the boarding facility. If your pet has special needs, check if they are capable of meeting your pet’s requirements. See if there is play and exercise time for your pet and before making the decision, be sure to ask around for reviews. The right boarding house makes a big difference in allaying your pet’s separation anxiety and stress.

Sunny Heights

Sunny Heights is a well-known dog boarding centre on Turf Club Road in Singapore. There are two types of kennels here for dogs: Pack boarding and private suites. Pack boarding is group boarding for dogs that are socialised and friendly. Dogs sleep in air-conditioned pens and spend time splashing around in the pool and socialising with other dogs. The Private Suites are for dogs that prefer their privacy, and there are individual pens for each dog. Rates start at SGD 35 for group boarding and SGD 48 for private boarding.

Sunny Heights also has a daycare service for dogs to play and socialise when their pet parents are out at work. Dogs are grouped according to their temperament, and watchful employees are on hand to make sure it’s all play and nothing else for the dogs. Sunny Heights is a popular dog boarding facility; it is best to book well in advance, especially if you are travelling during the holiday season.


Wanderlodge is a cage-free pet hotel where your cat or dog is treated like a family member. Wanderlodge has a home-like atmosphere and is best for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The dogs have a vast area to play around in and live in air-conditioned comfort. There are daily walks and playtimes scheduled in, as well as nap and rest times. All dogs checking into Wanderlodge will be given a compulsory tick and flea prevention treatment, and only dogs with an even temperament are taken in. Prices start at SGD 40 for small dogs and can go up to SGD 80 for extra-large dogs.

There are two cat suites, a shared cat suite and a private suite. The cat hotel is located in a different location, away from the dogs. The private suite is great for cats that are shy and prefer to be alone. Both the suites have plenty of space for the cats and lots of toys and scratch posts to play. The suites are hygienic, safe, and air-conditioned. Prices start at SGD 30 for the shared room and SGD 40 for the private suite.

Wanderlodge is open through the year, unlike some boarding centres that close for the holidays.

The Wagington

The Wagington is one of the most luxurious pet hotels in Singapore, which promises to pamper your pooch while you are away. With an exclusive salon and spa, and a bone-shaped doggie pool, the Wagington promises an experience of a lifetime for your beloved pets.

The doggie suites are the epitome of luxury, with lavish furnishings and an orthopaedic bed. Every suite has an HD webcam for pet parents who want to connect with their pets while they are away. There are four suites in the dog hotel – Junior, Superior, Garden, and Royal – each suite is spacious, well-lit and extremely comfortable. Prices start at SGD 75 for the Junior Suite and go up to SGD 168 for the Royal Suite.

The cat hotel is similarly luxurious, with orthopaedic beds and scratch posts in each suite. Every suite is fitted with a webcam, and you can keep tabs on your cat whenever you want. There are five types of cat suites – Cabin Feline Suite, Imperial Feline Suite, Doghill Feline Suite, Royal Feline Suite, and Palace Feline Suite – every suite is luxurious and specially designed for the comfort of your cat. Prices start at SGD 39 for the Cabin Feline Suite and go up to SGD 109 for the Palace Feline Suite.


Are you nervous about leaving your precious pet in a big boarding facility with lots of other pets? Do you think you’d prefer that your dog or cat stays in a place that is as home-like as possible? Pawshake is the best option for pet parents who prefer not to change their pet’s daily routine by much. Pawshake is an app that connects you with pet-loving families in your neighbourhood, who’ll board your pet while you are away.

All the pet hosts are vetted by the website, and they are fully insured. Pawshake hosts will not have too many dogs at the same time; your precious pet will get the attention he or she needs. Your pet will live in a home, not in a cage or kennel, and in the same neighbourhood. You can check trusted reviews and meet the hosts before zeroing on the host family.

Summing up…

Pet boarding is an essential service for all pet parents. Choosing an excellent facility is crucial for your peace of mind as well as your pet’s health and safety. Many kennel services take in only neutered pets; please check before booking your pet’s stay. Always remember to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date as most boarding facilities take only fully-vaccinated pets.

If you are planning to travel to Singapore with your cat or dog, contact our experienced team at Petraveller for expert animal travel advice and planning.