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Pet import regulations to bring your pet to the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most pet-friendly countries in Asia, where 67% of the population own dogs and 43% own cats. As a result, the Philippines is an incredibly pet-friendly society with great amenities and activities for pets.

Pet dogs and cats flying to the Philippines can enter the country only if they fulfil all pet import regulations. If you plan to travel to the Philippines with your pet, here’s all you need to know about bringing your pet to the Asian country.

Microchip your pet

Microchips are an essential feature of international pet transport. Most countries require the pet to be microchipped before travel. A microchip is a tiny transponder that carries a unique identification number that is registered with a national pet database. When the vet, airline staff, or customs officials scan the microchip, they can access the pet and pet parent details via the registry. Therefore, it is essential to update the registry whenever your contact details change.

Pets cannot be tracked with the microchip; however, stolen and lost pets can be reunited with their pet parents via the information on the registry. Pets travelling to the Philippines must be implanted with an ISO-compliant RFID microchip before flying. The microchip number must be recorded on the pet’s documentation.

Vaccinations for pet travel to the Philippines

Pet vaccinations are important during pet travel because they prevent the introduction of exotic diseases into the destination country. All countries globally require pet dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies and other pet diseases before travel. Vaccinations help keep your pet healthy and disease-free.

If you are travelling to the Philippines with your dog or cat, here are the vaccinations they require before travel:



  • Rabies vaccination
  • Herpes
  • Calicivirus
  • Panleukopenia
  • Feline Leukaemia

Your pet needs internal and external parasites treatment before travelling to the Philippines. A record of the treatment must be maintained with the vaccination certificate.

Import permit and health certificate

Pets flying to the Philippines require an import permit issued by the National Veterinary Quarantine Services (NVQS), Bureau of Animal Industry. You can request an import permit via email with the following information:

  • Pet details – species and breed of the pet
  • Sex, age and number of pets
  • Your pet’s expected date of arrival into the Philippines

The import permit is valid for two months, but you can request an extension of one month if your travel plans change unexpectedly. If you import more than five pets, your residence in the Philippines will be inspected by an official to check for suitability.

Your pet dog or cat will also need an international health certificate to travel to the Philippines. The certificate must be signed by an authorised vet and should be dated within ten days of the date of travel. The certificate must state that:

  • The pet is healthy and free from infectious diseases.
  • The pet has received the rabies vaccination and other necessary inoculation.
  • The pet has not been exposed to dangerous and contagious diseases before travel.
  • If the pet is travelling from a country that is not free from rabies, pet parents need to certify that there have been no cases of rabies reported within a 20 km radius of your pet’s home in the last six months.

Entering the Philippines with your pet

Pets can fly in the Philippines in Manila or Cebu. Upon arrival, the pet is examined by officials for any signs of illness or dangerous disease. If your pet is healthy, you can bring them home with you. All pets arriving in the Philippines must quarantine at home for 30 days.

International pet travel to the Philippines

Pet transport to the Philippines from Australia is simple when you partner with an experienced pet transport company. An IPATA-member travel agency will be able to help you fulfil all pet import regulations satisfactorily and ensure your pet has a pleasant and stress-free pet travel experience.

If you plan to travel to the Philippines with your pet dog or cat, contact Petraveller for more information on international pet transport and a free pet travel quote.