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The Petraveller guide to living with a dog in Manila

Manila is a great city for pets! As a pet parent, you can embark on many adventures with your dog in Manila. Living in Manila with your dog is a fun and fulfilling experience; the city has many pet-friendly hotels, resorts, restaurants and even pet-friendly malls!

Dogs in Manila are spoilt for choice when it comes to dog parks. The city has several indoor and outdoor playgrounds for dogs to run around, exercise and socialise with other canines. If you plan to move to Manila with your doggie pal, here’s all you need to know about living in the Filipino city with a dog.

Pet parent responsibilities in Manila

Pet parents in Manila are responsible for their pet’s well-being and good behaviour. Your dog must be well-cared for and have access to clean water, good food and a safe place to stay. As a pet parent in Manila, here are your responsibilities:

  • Vaccinations– Make sure your dog is up to date with all their vaccinations, especially rabies. Pet parents must also maintain a record of all vaccinations, including date of immunisation, vet details and name and identification of the dog.
  • Register your dog– Dogs in the Philippines must be registered with the local government office annually.
  • Be mindful while walking– When you take your dog out for a walk, please be aware of other dogs and people around you. Your dog must always be on a lead unless you are in a designated off-lead area. Remember to always pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste responsibly.
  • Report dog bites immediately– If your dog is the victim of a dog bite, you must report it to the authorities immediately. Dogs bitten by another unvaccinated dog or suspected to be rabid must be revaccinated, confined and placed under veterinary observation. If your dog bites another dog or person, you must report and offer medical assistance to the victim.

Dog-friendly playgrounds in Manila

Metropolitan Manila is a busy city, and though there aren’t many large spaces to exercise your dog, there are plenty of dog parks in the city. These dog parks are safe off-lead areas for your pet to run around and socialise with other dogs. There are indoor and outdoor dog parks in Manila, and most only allow vaccinated dogs. So be sure to update your dog’s vaccination status before visiting. Remember to carry bags to pick up after your pet and clean water for your dog.

Here are some of Manila’s best pet parks:

  • Central Bark Park
  • PetMe
  • Bark Park Eastwood
  • The BarkYard
  • Paw Park
  • Hachi Park

Dog-friendly restaurants and cafés in Manila

Manila has a host of dog-friendly eateries that you can visit with your furry friends. Some of these restaurants have a special pet menu with yummy goodies for your doggie pal. If you are looking to go out for a meal with your dog in Manila, here are some cafés you must try:

  • Whole Pet Kitchen
  • Commune, Makati
  • % Arabica, BGC
  • The Wallflower Café, Alabang
  • Kandle Café, Quezon City
  • Black Canyon Coffee
  • Café GUILT

Dog-friendly malls in Manila

You can take your favourite dog to the mall in Manila for a fun shopping experience. Many malls have separate pet areas inside for your pet to run around and play. Most pet-friendly malls require you to register your pet at the mall before entering. Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, and they are not suffering from any illness before you bring them to a mall. Here are some of Manila’s most pet-friendly malls:

  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • SM Aura Premier
  • Uptown Mall
  • Eastwood City
  • Lucky Chinatown
  • Venice Grand Canal Mall

International pet transport to Manila

Manila is a big and busy city where tradition and modernism meet to give the city its unique character. Dogs are popular pets and are welcome in many places in Manila. If you plan to travel to Manila with your pet dog, it is recommended to take the assistance of an IPATA-member pet relocation agency. An experienced agency can help you with the pet import regulations and ensure your pet has all the accurate documents and vaccinations before travelling.

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