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All you need to know about pet quarantine in the United Kingdom

Pet quarantine is a rule in many countries across the world to help curb the spread of dangerous animal diseases as well as zoonotic diseases such as rabies. Quarantine rules differ from country to country, and some countries such as Australia and New Zealand have more stringent quarantine regulations than others. Not all countries have mandatory quarantine; it is enforced only when the pet does not meet all the pet import regulations in some countries.

The United Kingdom does not have mandatory quarantine for pet dogs and cats as long as all pet import criteria are met. If you are travelling with your pet dog or cat to the United Kingdom, here’s what you must know about quarantine requirements in the country.

When does a pet travelling to the United Kingdom need quarantine?

The United Kingdom has a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for bringing your pet dog and cat into the country. If your dog or cat does not fulfil these conditions, they will have to be booked into the quarantine facility upon arrival. Your pet travel agent can help you book quarantine space for your pet in an authorised quarantine centre and arrange for an authorised quarantine transporter to transport your pet to the premises.

Pet parents cannot transport pets to the quarantine centre; only an authorised quarantine carrier can bring your pet to the centre. The transporter will meet your pet dog or cat when they arrive in the country, get permission for the pet to enter the country and safely transport your pet to the quarantine premises.

Arriving in the United Kingdom

If your pet requires quarantine in the UK, they can arrive in the country at select airports or ports.


  • Calais Eurotunnel
  • Dover Eastern Docks
  • Harwich International Port
  • Hull
  • Portsmouth


  • Belfast International
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Glasgow Prestwick
  • Leeds Bradford
  • London Gatwick
  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester

Release from pet quarantine in the United Kingdom

Your pet dog or cat will be released from quarantine once all pet import criteria have been met satisfactorily. The maximum period of quarantine in the United Kingdom is four months, and all pets that have remained in the quarantine centre for four months will be released to their pet parents.

Your pet’s quarantine in the United Kingdom can be extended if there is an outbreak of rabies at the facility or if your pet shares accommodation with a pet that has died in quarantine and the cause of death is yet to be ascertained.

International pet travel to the United Kingdom? Contact the pet transport experts

Pet travel to the United Kingdom is possible only if your pet dog or cat fulfils all the pet import conditions, including vaccinations, microchipping, health tests and documentation. If you are travelling to the UK with your pet, an accredited pet travel agency can help your pet travel safely and without stress.

Reach out to the pet travel specialists at Petraveller for more information on quarantine requirements during international travel and a free pet travel quote.