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Haneda, Japan

International Pet Transport to Haneda

Pet dogs and cats travelling to Haneda from Australia fly on Qantas. The flight time is approximately 9 hours. International pet transport to Haneda requires considerable documentation and vet visits before your pet can travel. Petraveller will need 30 days prior notice to arrange your pet’s travel to Haneda.

International Pet Travel Requirements for Cats and Dogs

  • Airline-approved pet travel crate
  • Annual vaccination
  • Customs clearance
  • Australian Government accredited veterinary consultation
  • Australian Government export permit
  • Australian Government health certificate
  • External parasite treatment
  • Internal parasite treatment
  • Japanese Import Permit
  • Microchip

International Pet Relocation Arrival

Upon entering Haneda, the Animal Quarantine Service will inspect your dog or cat. If your pet’s documentation is proper and all the veterinary regulations are met, your pet will be held for a few hours during the checking process before being released to you. Please allow a few hours for your pet to be processed and released to your care after they arrive in Haneda.

Petraveller provides customers with a step-by-step guide for an easy collection experience. The guide has all the information required for a stress-free collection process, including the location, contact details, hours of operation, etc. 

Frequently asked questions

Is my pet on the banned breeds list in Japan?

Japan does not have breed-specific legislation and does not ban the entry of any dog breeds into the country. However, it is not acceptable to import aggressive dogs of any breed to Japan. Wolf hybrid dogs or Wolf dogs and Savannah cats are banned from import in the country. 

Will my pet be sent to animal quarantine when they travel to Japan?

Pet dogs and cats travelling from Australia will not be quarantined if all pet import conditions are met satisfactorily.

Local Pet Requirements

Pets in Tokyo have to be registered with the local municipality. Pet parents must provide vaccination information and microchip details to obtain a pet licence in Japan. New pet parents must register their dogs within 30 days of bringing them home. If you have moved to Japan from another country, your dog’s import and quarantine certificates are required to finish the registration process. After the registration, your dog will receive a licence tag that they must always wear on the collar.

All dogs in Tokyo must be vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccination is given once a year, and the vaccination tag must also be attached to the collar. New puppies must be vaccinated within 30 days of coming home.

About Haneda

Tokyo International Airport is more commonly known as Haneda Airport. It is one of the two airports in the greater Tokyo area, the other being Narita International Airport. Haneda is located in Ōta, the largest of the 23 districts in Tokyo Prefecture, just 15 kilometres south of Tokyo Station.

Haneda Airport has grown from humble beginnings to a full-fledged airport with three terminal buildings and a VIP terminal. One of the busiest airports in Asia, Haneda Airport is Japan’s third-largest air cargo hub. The terminal is next to the Tokyo freight terminal and has scheduled cargo routes.

  • Offical Language
  • Population of people
    37.8 million
  • Flights from Australia
  • Population of registered pets
    19.3 million