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Santiago, Chile

International Pet Transport to Santiago

Petraveller can transport your pet dogs and cats from Australia to Chile. Pets travel to Santiago from Australia on Emirates and Qatar Airways via Dubai and Doha, respectively. The flight duration is around 15 hours.  

International Pet Travel Requirements for Cats and Dogs

  • Airline-approved pet travel crate
  • Annual vaccination
  • Customs clearance
  • Australian Government accredited veterinary consultation
  • Australian Government export permit
  • Australian Government health certificate
  • European Union health certificate
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Tapeworm vaccination

International Pet Relocation Arrival

Pet parents can collect their pets from the animal lounge at the airport after their pet’s customs clearance. Petraveller will provide you with detailed instructions on retrieving your pets upon reaching Santiago.

Pets are advised to quarantine at home for ten days after they fly into Chile. 

Frequently asked questions

Will my pet have to quarantine on entering Santiago?

Pet dogs and cats travelling to Santiago will be subject to home confinement for ten days as long as all the pet entry paperwork is completed satisfactorily and the pet does not exhibit illnesses of any kind.

Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?

Pets travelling to and from Australia have to travel in an International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved pet travel crate in the cargo hold only. Pet crates are secured to the floor and the climate, pressure and lighting in the cargo hold are controlled to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable.

Local Pet Requirements

Chile is a pet-friendly nation, and Santiago has numerous households with both cats and dogs as pets. All dogs must be registered at the local municipality; the registration can be done at the local office or online. 

All pet dogs must be well-fed and exercised. Remember to keep your dog on a lead in public spaces unless it is a designated off-lead zone. Pet dogs and cats must be vaccinated against all common canine and feline diseases, including rabies. 

Living in Santiago: A Canine Perspective

Santiago is a fabulous place for pet dogs; the city has many pet-friendly cafés and restaurants. As a doggy in Santiago, my favourite café is Daniel’s Bakery in Nuñoa. I love walking and socialising with other dogs at dog-friendly parks like the Plaza Loreto Cousiño and the Canino Park at Las Condes.

Santiago citizens love their dogs and cats, and even the city strays are well-fed and cared for by the citizens. 

Did you know?

Santiago is a popular tourist city known for its unbelievable nightlife, incredible food and energetic street dancing. Surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains, Santiago is just an hour’s drive away from both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

About Santiago

Santiago is the capital city of Chile and is well-known for its beautiful architecture. Its streets are full of fantastic buildings that showcase different architectural styles, from neo-classical to art deco and neo-gothic to modern. Santiago is an ancient city founded in 1541 by Spanish conquistadors, though archaeological evidence suggests that the region has been inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. Santiago is the political and financial centre of Chile.

  • Official Language
  • Population of people
    7 million
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