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Honolulu, United States

International Pet Transport to Honolulu

Pet dogs and cats travelling to Honolulu from Australia fly on Qantas. The flight time is approximately 10 hours. International pet travel to Honolulu from Australia requires documentation and veterinary checks before travelling. Petraveller will need at least 30 days prior notice to arrange your pet’s travel to Honolulu.

International Pet Travel Requirements for Cats and Dogs

  • Airline-approved pet travel crate
  • Annual vaccination
  • Customs clearance
  • Australian Government accredited veterinary consultation
  • Australian Government export permit
  • Australian Government health certificate
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Tapeworm and tick treatment

International Pet Relocation Arrival

After your pet lands in Honolulu from Australia, airline officials will deplane the pets on priority and bring them to the animal quarantine centre for veterinary checks and clearance. Pet parents can collect their pets after the customs officials have cleared them. Please allow a few hours for your pet to be processed and released to your care after they arrive in Honolulu.

Petraveller provides customers with a step-by-step guide for an easy collection experience. The guide has all the information required for a stress-free collection process, including the location, contact details, hours of operation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet have to quarantine on entering Honolulu?

Pets travelling to Honolulu from Australia will not be quarantined if they meet all import conditions satisfactorily. Your pet must fly directly to Honolulu and not have contact with other pets during transit. Your pet’s crate must be sealed by the authorities at the origin city, and the seal must be intact when your pet lands in Honolulu. Your pet must have lived in Australia since birth or at least for six months before travelling to Honolulu.

Is my pet on the banned breeds list in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not ban specific dog and cat breeds from entering the country. However, there is a ban on all undomesticated dogs, such as dingoes or hybrids, such as a wolf-dog crossbreed. Undomesticated cats and hybrids like Bengals and Savannahs are also banned in Hawaii. 

Local Pet Requirements

Pet dogs and cats in Honolulu must have a pet licence, which can be obtained from the Department of Customer Services in the city. All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies, and pet parents are encouraged to spay or neuter their pets to counter overpopulation and backyard breeding.  

In Honolulu, pet parents must treat their pets with care, ensure access to hygienic living conditions, and be given veterinary attention whenever required. Remember to clean up after your pet and dispose of the waste responsibly. 

Honolulu has several dog-friendly beaches and parks. Many beaches do not allow dogs to be off-lead on the sand; please check before you take your dogs off the lead. 

About Honolulu 

The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, is located on the island of Oahu, the third largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. A world-famous tourist destination, tourists from around the world visit Honolulu for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and volcanoes. Honolulu is a multicultural and diverse city. The city is renowned for its simple, laidback culture, delicious food, and abundant natural beauty.

Honolulu is pet-friendly! Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the city, with pet dogs outnumbering cats. Honolulu has plenty of pet-friendly activities, such as swimming at the beach, hiking in the rainforests and visiting restaurants.

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    English and Hawaiian
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