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Cat Travel

All you need to know about bringing your pet dog or cat to Germany

Pet travel to Germany is complicated and involves health tests and documentation. If you are planning international pet transport to Germany with your pet, here’s what you should know.

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Vaccination schedule for pets travelling to the United States of America

The United States has a specific vaccination schedule, and all pets must be fully vaccinated and have the right documentation to support it before travelling.

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Best pet boarding facilities in San Francisco

San Francisco has a vibrant pet community with a plethora of activities and establishments that welcome pets. If you live in San Francisco with your pet dog or cat, there is no lack of excellent pet boarding facilities in the area.

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Pet travel in the time of novel coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus has created worldwide uncertainty for both human and pet travel. Pet travel is possible; however, your preferred travel dates may need to be delayed. Contact our team for expert and up to date advice on the safest available routes.

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Rabies vaccination schedule for pets travelling to the United Kingdom

Dogs and cats going to the United Kingdom must be vaccinated for rabies prior to travel. If you are travelling to the UK with your pet, it is best to start your travel plans well ahead.

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All you need to know about bringing your pet dog or cat to Malaysia

Malaysia is a favourite tourist destination and a beautiful country to be a pet parent. Your pet needs to fulfil all pet import regulations to be allowed to travel into the country.

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Will Brexit affect pet travel to the United Kingdom?

Brexit will have an impact on pets travelling in and out of the United Kingdom. Read on to understand if you need to change your pet travel plans because of Brexit.

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Vaccination schedule for pets flying to New Zealand

The Ministry of Primary Industries in New Zealand has put in place a series of vaccinations that your pet must be given to be eligible to fly into the country.

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Best pet boarding facilities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful place to own a pet. With the number of dog and cat owners increasing steadily, the city has several good pet boarding options to choose from.

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Vaccination schedule to bring your dog and cat to Australia

Australia’s strong biosecurity laws require that pets follow a complex process to enter the country. The vaccination schedule is different for pets coming from different country categories.

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