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Travel Preparation

Australian Government Export Permit

One of the documents required while exporting your pet from Australia is the Australian Government Export Permit. This permit is issued to all pet dogs and cats travelling from Australia after the final veterinary health check.

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Why does my pet need tapeworm treatment before international travel?

Tapeworm treatment is a mandatory import requirement for many countries. Since tapeworms are harmful parasites that can easily be transmitted from one pet to another, many European countries require pets to be treated for tapeworms before departure.

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Australian Government Health Certificate

An Australian government health certificate is required before your pet can travel to another country. This health certificate is issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) after your pet’s final vet check.

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Your guide to pet microchips and how they work

A microchip is an important first step in the international pet transport process. Almost every country requires pets to be identified by a microchip before import. The microchip must meet International Standards Organisation (ISO) specifications.

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All you need to know about rabies and rabies vaccination for pets

The rabies vaccination is an important step in the international pet transport process; it is an essential requirement in most countries worldwide. It is usually given to puppies and kittens, and the vaccination must be kept current throughout their lives.

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External Parasite Treatment

External parasites such as fleas and ticks need to be controlled before your pet can travel overseas. Most countries require pets to undergo internal and external parasite treatments before travelling.

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Heartworm Blood Test

A parasite called Dirofilaria causes heartworm disease in pets. It is long and hair-like and lives in the hearts of infected pets. Since the disease is highly contagious, some countries require a Heartworm blood test and treatment before import.

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Babesia Blood Test

Babesiosis is a dangerous dog disease that is caused by a protozoan called Babesia. The disease is spread through the bite of an infected tick. Babesiosis is common in mainland Africa and some countries require a Babesiosis test before import.

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Internal Parasite Treatment

Internal parasite treatment during international pet travel is critical because it ensures your pet reaches their destination in good health and will not unknowingly carry parasitic diseases to the destination country.

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Annual vaccination

Vaccinations keep your pets safe from life-threatening diseases. They are important because they prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases from pets to humans. Pet vaccinations also play a vital role in checking infectious diseases among the pet population.

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