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Travel Preparation

Australian Veterinary Health Check

Preparing your pet dog or cat for export from Australia is a complex process, and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has set a few guidelines to help prepare your pet for export.

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Top tips help your cat ace international travel

Ensuring your cat is comfortable and stress-free during travel will go a long way in making the flight pleasant for your pet. Here are some top tips to help your kitty have the best flight of their life.

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Documentation for international pet travel

If you are travelling with your pet, here’s all you need to know about the documents your pet dog or cat needs for successful international travel.

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Why is it important to follow all pet import regulations during international pet transport?

Pet transport has numerous rules and regulations, and every single rule is highly critical. If you are travelling to an international location with your pet, here’s why it is essential to follow all the rules and not skip a single one.

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All you need to know about international travel with a special-needs pet

If you are travelling to an international destination with your special-needs pet, here’s what you need to know to have a safe and comfortable pet travel experience.

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How to prepare your pet’s crate before international pet travel

The pet crate is one of the most important aspects of international pet travel. The crate is your pet’s home during the journey, and ensuring your pet is comfortable in the crate is vital for a happy travel experience.

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10 international pet travel myths explained

International pet travel is a much-misunderstood topic. If you are planning on travelling with your pet, here are some common pet travel misconceptions explained

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What to expect during a vet visit before international pet travel

A vet visit is mandatory before travelling abroad with your pet; here’s what you can expect during a vet visit before international pet travel.

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10 common mistakes to avoid during international pet travel

International pet travel is fraught with uncertainties and complications. If you are planning to travel with your pet, be sure to avoid these common pet travel pitfalls

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What is the significance of biosecurity on international pet travel?

Biosecurity laws are important for international pet travel because these laws dictate the complexity of the pet import process and the inherent risks should the process not be completed correctly.

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