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Pet Boarding

Best pet boarding services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has several pet boarding services where you can leave your pet dog or cat when you need to travel. Most pet boarding services have trained staff and pet-friendly facilities that will have your pet feeling at home immediately.

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Best pet boarding services in Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer for pet parents looking for boarding services for their dogs and cats. If you are travelling on work or for a family vacation, and you can’t take your pet with you, there are many fantastic pet boarding services for cats and dogs in Singapore.

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The best kennel services in Dubai

Pets parents in Dubai have a number of options for kennel services for the times they need to leave their pet behind. Whether you are travelling for work or a holiday, these kennel services in Dubai are perfect for your cat or dog. Choosing the right pet boarding facility in Dubai is important.

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The best kennel services in Auckland

Auckland is an extremely pet-friendly city, and there is no shortage of dog and cat boarding services here. Auckland has several kennels that offer boarding, veterinary and day care services for your furry friend. From luxury pet hotels to facilities that have swimming pools for your pets – Auckland has it all.

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The best pet boarding services in London

London is well-known as a pet-friendly city and is very welcoming of dogs and cats. It is an excellent city for pet parents, and there is no lack of pet events, pet-friendly cafés and restaurants, parks to exercise in and kennel services to leave your pets in when you are out of town.

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